Adamolekun’s “The Idea of Nigeria”: Comments worth sharing – A. Sowunmi

November 14, 2016

Faith, Nigeria

Dear Tola,
Many thanks for those excerpts from a brilliant lecture. I could not complete or post my comments, so here I go:

“Very brilliant and incisive analysis. Question is: how do we implement the expedient measures to face our diversity, e.g. having an accurate and comprehensive and objective census, including figures on religion and ethnicity?

For how long shall the remaining 400 (??) ethnic groups continue to allow just one group to hold us back, prevent us from: having basic facts and data about even the most fundamental issue of a comprehensive and accurate census, operating a true federal structure, adhering strictly to the even less than desirable “federal structure” , a fair and just derivation formula, restructuring the number of local governments to make it objective, logical and fair ( most obvious injustice is Lagos versus Kano).

When will the rest of us stand up and refuse to allow just one ethnic group (and it not originally indigenous) to continue its manipulation and unfair exploitation of us, maintaining that Nigeria remains one ONLY ON ITS OWN MOST UNJUST AND INVIDIOUS TERMS?

That time is long overdue.

Two most recent events confirm my submission:,

(1)The discharge of five men who killed a Christian Igbo woman right in front of her husband, yet this eye witnesse had identified the killers before the Police, while one of them is reported to have written a confessional statement. The murderers were arraigned in a Magistrate and not a High Court, and were reportedly acquitted on the orders of the Kano State Attorney General and Commissioner for (In)justice.

(2) Allocation.of Capital Votes in November 2016: Akwa Ibom State, the second largest oil producer, got THE LOWEST ALLOCATION OF N1.92b, while Kano got a most disproportionate and highest ALLOCATION of N32.14b!!!!!

How can this be justified?



Below is a link from a blog by a Nigerian who lives in England on the Kano “(In)justice that saw a murderer walk free in Nigeria’s heart of darkness. It was posted today. TOLA.

God’s soldiers on the loose

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2016. 7:02 p.m. [GMT]

, ,


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