Is Buhari’s daughter set to marry the man who displayed his bank balance on instagram?

November 26, 2016


The following copy of a bank statement page was posted on modern media and published by from where this blog culled the story back in 2013 as another in a series, Madness in Nigeria.



Ms. Buhari may be getting married to another Ndimi, by the way, as Mohammed is a very common Muslim name in Northern Nigeria, and ‘Ahmed’ is the shortened form of ‘Mohammed’.

I have no idea whether “Ahmed Ndimi, son of billionaire oil magnate Mohammed Ndimi” is the same as the person in: “Mohammed Ndimi is an oil billionaire and the son, Ahmed, is the company’s marketing director” in the 2013 story.

It’s a current story worth sharing through this link from the recent past.

Here is the link to the wedding story:

Well, that’s the way things go in Nigeria as the young Ndimi is not alone in the madness that has become a way of life of the children of the rich in Nigeria.

Below is another link to another story out of Nigeria posted here in 2012. I went back to check the link to pictures that accompanied the story, one of which was used to illustrate the story. I’m not surprised the pictures have been removed from its original source because that story attracted a lot of traffic from 2012 when it was copied here till this year when it seemed to stop, attracting only 12 viewers.

While other pictures referred to no longer on original website, but that of the boy sitting on a bed of naira notes is still available because I copied and used it for the story as it remains the central photograph to story below.


Source: Global Reporters, Vienna

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2016. 6:14 p.m. [GMT]


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