Taxing Nigeria

December 1, 2016


Thanks for this, Folakemi.

It is, to say the least, a hair-brained idea like most that Nigerian govt officials usually dream up without giving it much thought.

As you’ve rightly wondered aloud, where, in the world, did or has Tunde Fowler found a govt thay ambushes its citizens with no-tax returns, no-passport?

It would be interesting to know how far-flung Fowler has cast his revenue-chasing net to know if he’s really going after those who should be pursued: farmers, especially large-scale landholders, cattle-owners and their herdsmen, churches, mosques, husbands and wives who need to obtain birth certificates for their children, et cetera.

The point that needs stressing is this: where are the evidences of the judicious uses of taxes collected as most monies collected end up in the pockets and bank accounts of those at the top in various govt agencies.

Evidences physically abound all over Nigeria where men and women on salaries live lives way above lives of successful business people.



Most of Nigeria’s public officials are jokers in the way they present their ideas to the public. Often times, it is half-baked, they don’t feel any obligations to explain their plans as to how they plan to lessen the effect of the new plan on the population. The sad part is that, they usually get away with it because theirs is one way radio.

Nigeria is looking for ways to generate more income but they are not willing to do anything differently that will benefit citizens.

Mr. Tunde Fowler, Federal Inland Revenue Service boss is the latest joker by hinting that Nigerians will soon be asked to present their tax certificate if they require a passport. How does that even make any sense?

So the best way to get people to pay taxes is when they intend to leave the country? Most people only get their passport if they intend to travel out…

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