Nigeria continues flirtations with major religious upheaval with plans to resuscitate govt-funded Islamic education – Tola Adenle

December 5, 2016



As if the hues and cries raised against the Buhari Administration on the heavily-skewed appointments into federal positions in favor of Muslims, especially those from the president’s Northwest part of the country – and especially by many relatives of the president – the planned inclusion of a Muslim education parastatal, an agency, to be funded by the central government is being met with outcries.

Buhari became president, thanks to a coalition of many groups from across the country, especially the South that believed then Candidate Buhari’s major promise: that he would ensure the restructure of the country, a move that would ensure a real federation becomes a reality.

Restructuring has been the cries of millions in the Southern part of the country, a mostly Christian part with millions of Muslims who are generally not of the same political and social leanings as Muslims from the North but are very much in line with Southern Christians.

Restructuring in Nigeria expects that every part of the country will have equal access to opportunities of employment, appointments, and government services as opposed to the very lopsided situation in the country, a fact that arose from the decades of military rule that was mostly led by Northern soldiers.

No longer did retired General Buhari (who had once ruled Nigeria during the 1980s when he was widely viewed as a Muslim ideologue, a fact that saw him lose at three successive attempts to rule Nigeria as a civilian from 2003 to 2011) finally become president through massive Christian support than he announced that restructuring was out of the question.

Nigeria has not known much peace due to the continued onslaught of Islamic extremists of which the Boko Haram is the most-widely known. In Northern Nigeria, Christians being slaughtered by Muslims are never far from news headlines, including a recent case of a Christian trader who was slaughtered by a Moslem trader in the presence of her husband but despite eyewitnesses to the crime, the murderer was allowed to walk by the Attorney General of the State.

Now, for Nigeria’s “federal” government, headed by a man that Christians had believed had left his past Islamic ideological leanings behind him and was campaigning so that he would build a truly united country that would be equitable for all citizens, to plan this divisive undertaking is to say the least, a slap in the collective faces of all Nigerians, especially Christians.

Why a National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAID) that was set up by the old colonial era Northern Region when the three main regions – Eastern, Western & Northern – were autonomous as a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Education is unconscionable.

Right now, set up at central level (“federal government”) is so skewed – all appointments made since the retired General assumed the presidency – that the country’s Security, Judiciary, Civil Service and Executive are all in control of Northern Nigeria, and headed by mostly Muslims.

Once this agency becomes a “parastatal” of the Ministry of Education, it would be funded from the so-called “federation account”.

While it may not be the intention of President Buhari, the steps he continues to take have serious consequences which he needs to contemplate.

Here is a paragraph from the Vanguard about the new ambush on federalism. The whole story can be accessed from the link at the bottom of this page.

“NBAIS was formally established in 1959 by the government of the defunct Northern Region to perform the following functions:  To develop curriculum and syllabus for Arabic and Islamic schools and centres; to supervise these same Arabic and Islamic schools and centres; to ensure high enrollment of learners into the formal school system that would have otherwise been out of school with the attendant security implications; and to impart specialized knowledge on Arabic and Islamic Studies through the Arabic medium as well as other formal school subjects in English. The Arabic school and Islamic centres are also to provide a platform for regulating Islamic educational contents that are sound, appropriate and geared towards the acquisition of positive values for moral, human and national development; to conduct final examinations for students in all relevant schools, in line with its nomenclature and mandate, and be responsible for the issuance of Junior Arabic and Islamic certificates and all other functions expected of such a parastatal”.

How above objectives would benefit Christian children in the North – yes, there are millions of Christians there just as there are millions of Muslims in the South – or South, and thus deserve “federal” funding is unclear, and it is hoped that President Buhari will sit and rethink the impending danger that such a decision would pose not just to his leadership of the country but to a “unity” he claims is non-negotiable.


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MONDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2016.  11:52 p.m. [GMT]



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2 Comments on “Nigeria continues flirtations with major religious upheaval with plans to resuscitate govt-funded Islamic education – Tola Adenle”

  1. Latif Bamidele Says:

    We need to free our country from the two imported religions. Both are aliens to our fore fathers. Our progress is beinng delayed by the pronouncement from the adherent of the imported religions



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Dr. Bamidele,

      You are very correct; religion does stand in the way of progress in countries that have found it difficult to separate it from governance.

      I just finished reading about Pakistani Nobel Laureate in Physics in 1980, Professor Abdus Salaam – died 20 years ago at 70 – whose country is finally recognizing him. His rejection through a constitutional amendment branding his sect “NOT MUSLIM” led a man who graduated from Cambridge with a PhD in Physics in 1951, eventually going into exile where he died in England in 1996.

      Incredible that a country so elevated by one of its own would, in the name of a “foreign religion” – Pakistan is not anywhere near where Islam was founded – disown its own!

      President Sharif’s naming of a national center after Professor Abdus Salaam has come not a moment too soon. Check out the story through:

      Sincere regards,



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