Buhari yesterday gave out his daughter to the Indimis the owners of one of the juiciest Oil Block in Nigeria said to held on behalf of IBB.
IBB awarded the blocks to Alhaji Indimi whilst in power and sealed it by Mohammed marrying his daughter (business marriage). The duo fell apart some three years ago and came to the lime light last year. In 2016, the fight became very dirty, but they could not tell the World the real issue upto when the lady ran to Buhari, Senate and some Northern elders for help, knowing full well that if nothing is done quickly, the Blocks will be taken over at renewal by IBB at renewal which is on.
That opened up opportunity for another relationship and quick marriage (i understand the relationship that led to this marriage started some three months ago).
Questions: Is this a technical takeover of the[oil] blocks by a new family in power to enable continued retainership and shortchanging IBB? Is this marriage a technical partnership in ownership?
How come Buhari did not carry out his threat of calling off the marriage; when the grooms elder sister misbehaved on the day of introduction at the Villa?
Was the Sister empowered by their wealth and what is involved in the marriage to put National Guard w[h]ere they belong at the Villa because of the stakes in the marriage?