Though gone, Ms. Stowell’s 6th Jeopardy! appearance takes her past $100k for cancer research as she continues to tug at Jeopardy! lovers’ hearts – Tola Adenle

December 21, 2016


On Tuesday’s Jeopardy! appearance, Cindy Stowell’s victory was not guaranteed before her answer to the Final Jeopardy! question: as always, it was tricky, and Ms. Stowell’s two competitors took the fork in the road that looked more promising.

If this U.S. State was a country, it would have been in the Top 10 in Gold medals with 14– 9 of them by 1 man & 1 woman.

At the Olympics, the West – America’s West, that is – did score big, especially in swimming as Stanford- PAC-12 of the Collegiate Division l – took “home” a 39-medal haul but those Olympians did not represent California as a competitor wrote; another was way off the mark by picking Ohio.

For (recent) old time’s sake before arriving at Ms. Stowell’s question to the answer, let’s take a brief look back at the wonders performed at Rio by the Cardinals (past, present and future) of Stanford.

Stanford’s contingent in women’s swimming was dominant at the Rio Games: Katie Ledecky, (freshman);  junior, Simone Manuel’s 2 gold (incl. a first individual for an African American & 2 silvers); so did, among many others, Maya DiRado. I must not forget to mention Volleyball’s Foluke Akinradewo – a Nigerian-American – who graduated Stanford in ‘09 and helped lead Team USA to its third bronze. It was Akinradewo’s second olympics, a middle blocker, who, despite an injury during the semifinals, returned for the bronze-medal match with a dominant performance.

Now, back to Jeopardy!, and Ms. Stowell’s final question which, with gutsy wagering , and a little luck, took her 6-day winnings total to over a hundred grand.

Going into the final, the top competitor had a not-insurmountable lead: $23,800 and the lowest score was $2,600; right smack in the middle was Ms. Stowell’s $13600.00$10,200 less than the leading scorer. She definitely had her work cut out for her to surmount and surpass the leader.

The Jeopardy! final answer, again:  If this U.S. State was a country, it would have been in the Top 10 in Gold medals with 14– 9 of them by 1 man & 1 woman.

In which MALE sports was a dominant Olympian (tracks – Bolt – are definitely out as there were no NINE events that could be won in field and tracks – or any other Olympics sports for that matter).

I think the required QUESTION is right there – “9 of them by 1 man”; pardon me, I’m a sports fan, I must confess who watched many of the sports: track, gymnastics, swimming … even some weight lifting and, of course most of the soccer!

“9 of them – medals – by 1 man” is the ONLY pointer to the question, and Ms. Stowell scores big with –

What is Maryland? 


Phelps, in this photograph culled from the USOC website, displays his 23 gold (of 28 total) medals from 4 olympics

… the state that produced Baltimore’s Michael Phelps, the Greatest Olympian of All Time whose 9 medals at Rio, even without any knowledge of Rockville, Maryland’s Katie Ledecky, is the ONLY correct Question.

No Monday morning quarterbacking here as I actually knew that answer even though I rarely get half right!

Sleep on, Cindy, rest assured that your beloved Jeopardy! once had a contestant who not only captured the attention of millions of Americans to whom your story was inspirational but many of whom will always remember you.

Now, I can hardly wait for Wednesday evening, the first day of Winter, to learn if Ms. Stowell will make it seven wins but even if she does not, she would live forever in the hearts of millions.


WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2016. 3:35 a.m. [GMT]

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