A Yoruba Carol to wish readers a merry Xmas, & a “… Let peace begin with me …” challenge to all this holiday season – Tola Adenle

December 25, 2016

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A rousing rendition of Rosephanye Powell’s Ògó ni fún Olúwa is posted here from YouTube for the enjoyment not only of Christians who, I’m sure, would easily get pulled in and sing/clap along before the music ends but the joyous rendition should brighten listeners up.

It takes Yoruba-speaking Music (or simple Singing Classes) students at secondary school level of the early 1960s like this blogger back to late Composer, Dayọ̀ Dédẹkẹ́’s many choral works like Kérésìmésì Ọdún dé [from his Má Gbàgbé Ilé, a collection of Yoruba folk songs and a few Yoruba Carols.] 

Mr. Dédẹkẹ́ was the eminent Education Inspector (Music) for Western Nigeria, and as he traversed the region teaching not only choral music but English folk songs like Marianina to students as far afield as Ibadan, Ẹdẹ, Ado-Èkitì and many other towns and cities.


African-American Rosephanye Powell, Composer & Voice Professor who wrote Ògó ni fún Olúwa who ” been hailed as one of America’s premier women composers of choral music.”  For more on Ms. Powell and her body of works, go to –

With my copy of Má Gbàgbé Ilé thousands of miles from where I am, a sheet music of one of Yoruba’s folk songs arranged by the composer from my documents below. As soon as I get my hands on the book, I’ll post the sheet music for at least a couple of  carols from Má Gbàgbé Ilé to complete this post.

Copy of part of the sheet music for Yoruba old folk song, Ìwé Kikọ from Má Gbàgbé Ilé composed by Dayọ̀ Dédẹkẹ́. Oxford University Press [now University Press Ltd., Ibadan, Nigeria].ma-gbagbe-ile-2
I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to Ògó ni fún Olúwa, a folk song created on the other side of the Atlantic by an African descendant whose composition announcing the birth of Christ, brings the same kind of fervor and joy that this choral music would elicit in a Yoruba church on this occasion that celebrates the birth of the King of Kings.

“Let there be peace on earth … And let it begin with me.”

                                     Let there be peace on Earth 1955  sheet music good condition Great cover
Sheet music for a 20th Century Hymn that may be popular at Christmas but is a song that has become composition devoted to world peace and harmony among peoples of the world no matter their religion.
The words form constant reminder that there cannot be peace in the world until each and everyone of the world’s people embrace peace and harmony.

A very merry Christmas & Season’s compliments, everybody!

SUNDAY, CHRISTMAS DAY 2016. 12:02 a.m. [GMT]
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  1. TO Says:

    Wish you the same, now and always.



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