What do I wish for in the New Year? – Tola Adenle

January 1, 2017

Arts & Culture

I decided to post this with the actual dateline of where I am, today, January 1, 2017.

There really was a time when my datelines reflected wherever I was which became so weird I decided to choose a place and time that is central to everywhere, the Ground Zero, so to say, of time calculations – Greenwich Mean Time. That removed a huge chunk of the modern social media: Leaving the house to run errands now … You may be able to try teaching an old dog a new trick contrary to the old saying but doggie does not have to, nor does doggie need to learn!

As I started drafting something for today’s posting in between taking in Kathy Griffin & Anderson Cooper’s annual New Year’s eve show over two hours ago, I found it was sounding so familiar I decided to scroll back to January Firsts passed and lo, déjà vu with more than a ghost of past attempts to wonder aloud about Nigeria’s intransigent leaders and the country’s unresolved problems.

It’s not a strange situation as most journalists – Nigerians and non-Nigerians – who write on the star-crossed country would confess: there is hardly anything new to write about the country because it keeps going down the same wrong paths: mis-governance, inability to wage a real fight on corruption, a president who has broken just about all campaign promises he made, et cetera, et cetera.
What to do?
As my heart remains forever deeply rooted in the heartland of Yoruba’s Southwestern Nigeria no matter where in the world I may be, I am never able to really say, okay, enough is enough about writing on Nigeria; keep your sanity and stop writing about what your writing cannot change …

I am re-blogging my New Year Day’s post for January 1, 2013 – 4 years ago today, two presidents ago in Nigeria … when all the problems of African countries, especially Nigeria, remain: mis-management, corruption, kidnapping as entrepreneurship (Nigeria) is worse … and an important issue of and for our time – peace on earth – is even further from reality than four years ago.
So here’s wishing all my blog visitors as well as their – and my – family and friends the best that 2017 has in store.
SUNDAY, JANUARY 1, 2017. 12:00 a.m [EST]


Dear Friends,

It’s a new year already and while many the world over wonder where the time went, a sign that things were better than okay for such people, there are millions and millions around the world, especially where near-civil wars, hegemonic domination and other forms of oppression make days run like years.

There are those who, despite the prosperity that abound in their lands, especially the poor and weak in rich Western nations who live lives that are hardly better than those lived by the poor  in Third World countries’ whose wealth is concentrated in the hands of a very few.

And there are those in countries the world has almost given up on of ever rising to economic and social levels that their resources natural and human imply, especially in Africa where the depth of poverty and infrastructure decay are unimaginable and unpardonable.

What do I wish for…

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