Slaughter of Nigerian Xtians: Pastor Oyedepo invokes God’s wrath on killers’ sponsors; charges followers to fight for their faith

January 13, 2017

Faith, Nigeria

Bishop Oyedepo invokes God’s curses on those fueling Southern Kaduna killings  in this explosive sermon to church members. Read the explosive sermon from [Nigeria’s] Vanguard.

Oyedepo asks God to immediately break up Nigeria if it is His will


The founder and presiding Bishop of the megachurch, Living Faith Church Worldwide International, Bishop David Oyedepo has invoked God’s curses on those fueling Southern Kaduna killings.

“Lord, if it is your will to break up Nigeria, break it now!”

“A Boko Haram agent was captured and they said he escaped. Everyone connected to his escape, fire, consume them, consume them, consume them!”



“God sent me as His apostle of liberation to this continent to stop it from decadence.” “I heard from God and He has proved it beyond measure. Therefore, every occultic root, every political root of this uprising is cursed today!” The congregation shouted “Amen!” Bishop Oyedepo.

“All the northern forces that are sponsoring this uprising and killings, i decree the curse of God upon them.” Congregation shouted “Amen!”

Speaks in tongues: “Lord, if it is your will to break up Nigeria, break it now!”

Speaks in tongues again. To his members, he said: “Come on, pray in the spirit everybody. Pray in the spirit, open fire, call down the Holy Ghost fire to descend on the camp of the enemy.”

“Enough is Enough!”

Speaks in tongues again. “If Nigeria wakes up, wait for the church to rise. There will be no more nation, what nonsense.”

“What demonic devils. What Islamic demons. If Nigeria waits for the church to rise, Nigeria will disappear as a nation.”

Speaks in tongue: “You mean God cannot protect people? What a mess!” “Every agent of destruction in Government today, call fire down on their head, call fire down on their head.” “Everyone sponsoring evil against the nation, let your fire fall on him!”

“A Boko Haram agent was captured and they said he escaped. Everyone connected to his escape, fire consume them, consume them, consume them!”

To his congregation, he said: “Go ahead and pray.”

Prays in tongue: “Fire of the Lord consume them!”

“I was even told from report that they were targeting this church. I said what?”

“Even if i was asleep, if you see anybody here kill him! Kill him and spill his blood on the ground. I am saying that to you, what nonsense, what devil. You think our God is an idol?” The faithful shouted “No!”

“If I put fire on your tail to overrun the city, you will do it in one minute. What is that? What devil?” “I stand today with every authority on me, and I declare the Boko Haram camp cursed!” “I declare their collaborators cursed! I decree their sponsors cursed!” “I declare their collaborators cursed. I decree their sponsors cursed!”

“Must the north continue to rule?”

“What devils!”

“God has anointed me to lead a revolution against the Islamic jihadist and as the Lord liveth and as the anointing of Jeru-Baal that’s on me, we declare them extinct in the name of Jesus!”


“You catch anyone that looks like them, kill him!”

“There is no reporting to anybody. Kill him! Pull off his neck! And we spill his blood on the ground. What nonsense!”

“They said why should Christians say they could defend themselves, hold it! What stupid statement, why should Christians say they could defend themselves? So, they should watch for you to put a knife to their necks?”

“You think we are dummies? What! What?”

“All those zeros census they are fake. Where are the human beings?” “Where are they? We go around the place. Where are they?”

“We’ve never had a successful census in this country. Where are they?”

“Don’t mistake only those in politics as in power. The anointed in the Lord are the ones in power. By divine ordination, don’t mistake that.”

“There was a king in the land but Elijah was determining the events of the nation.”

“If i say it will not rain here for three years, it will not drop. What nonsense!”

“Who born their mother, who born their father? They are too small.”

“Come! Get excited and walk in confidence. Any devil that misbehaves around you will be slain by the fire!”

A thunderous “Amen” echoed from the congregation!



FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2017. 4:09 a.m. [GMT]



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6 Comments on “Slaughter of Nigerian Xtians: Pastor Oyedepo invokes God’s wrath on killers’ sponsors; charges followers to fight for their faith”

  1. bisisowunmi Says:

    Dear Tola,

    Thank you very much. As usual I have forwarded this as well as several related ones to a few others.

    As Bishop Oyedepo said: Enough is enough. Even more than enough. 800 innocent Christian souls brutally slaughtered and we are not incensed! To add insult to injury, body of Imams had the effrontery to ask that CAN leader etc be arrested for inciting people to kill Muslims!!! For God’s sake, when were Muslims killed? What of the 800 Christians?

    What of the Igbo woman in Kano whose murderers were discharged ( including one who reportedly had made a confessional statement) Has anyone asked for the arrest of their killers and sponsors, including “Governor” el Rufai who should be the first one for giving blood money to murderers to stop killing instead of ordering the police to arrest and charge them for murder. I mean, he had the temerity and impunity to even publicly declare himself an accomplice to mass murders!

    Enough of the “patch patch”. Nigeria must be drastically restructured now. Accurate census, just and fair delimitation of Local Government Councils ., resource control, and so on and so on.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Sis.,

      One just hopes the president will heed the call for Restructuring, a very important issue he promised during his campaign. Without it, Nigeria may not be for much longer.

      Sincere regards, Ma.




    Have Fulani warriors ever changed tactics ever in history? None that I know. To win adversaries in battles, they call for support from their kinsmen anywhere and everywhere. Smartly, they evoke religious sentiment to shrewudly cover their expansionist and imperialist agenda. To be honest, these military tactics, deploying guerilla strategy was severally deployed in many battles by the Jews in the Old Testament of the Bible as well as recorded Islamic Jihads.

    To be free from these barbaric shenanigans, civilized modern nations have chosen to downplay religiosity in national politics. It is working for them positively to grow and flourish.

    The beginning of winning the cancerous war against religious influences on Nigerian policy-making was the creation of FRC codes. Alas, perhaps due to ignorance or sentimental oversight, many elites have quickly condemned the “code of freedom”. Where is our objective roadmap to peaceful and prosperous future? Without, strong government interference, how can secret planning and questionable funding for barbaric activities of any groups be detected in advance? Can we eat our cakes and still have them?



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Toye,

      You are very right: religion needs to be separated from politics, a subject that has been written on ad nauseam but successive governments have always found it expedient to stir up a hornet’s nest by fomenting religious upheaval for political and/or social gains.

      I think things are coming to a head now because the Buhari Government – no matter who gets blamed for it – overplayed its hands by asking heads of religions/faiths, like most Xtians, I interpreted the tenures, et cetera to be a law against Xtians. And the main link of Christianity between Pentecostals and me is Christ; you could therefore imagine the opinion of Pentecostals on a ruling that made Adeboye step down.

      Nigeria’s resturing is a must; it would allow the states to pursue priorities important to them.

      Thanks very much. Regards,



  3. Adegoke G. Falade Says:

    ”Lord, if it is your will to break up Nigeria, break it now!” Prophet Oyedepo probably just received inspiration on what we sensed many years ago!

    If the Regions in Nigeria are not homogeneous, a break will finally occur. But, I pray everyday that it should be a clean break without blood shed.



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