People Power Defeats ‘Death Sentence’ Water Bill In Nigeria — But The Fight Isn’t Over

March 23, 2017


The masses in Lagos, with the very active support and participation of water-related NGOs, have just proved how shallow the idea of power residing with governments could be when they demand what is a basic human right: potable water.

The Lagos State has tried for a long time to turn water supply over to PPP – meaning outfits would be selected by the state government who would make potable water so expensive that the masses would suffer.

This victory – at least for now because the government would unlikely give up – shows what can be achieved through peaceful mass mobilization and education,


This blog has expressed concerns about the dangers of carrying out privatization exercise without involving all stakeholders in the process: ( It also provided information about the views and concerns of the USA Congressional Black Caucus on the same issue ( …

Peter Gleick (1999) in his paper on “The Human Rights to Water”  “argues that access to a basic water requirement is a fundamental human right implicitly and explicitly supported by international law, declarations, and State practice. Governments, international aid agencies, non-governmental organizations, and local communities should work to provide all humans with a basic water requirement and to guarantee that water as a human right.”

Lagos State failed to guarrantee water as a human right to the people of Lagos. 

It has attempted many times to privatise water supply and failed because of public outcries  arising from non-involvement all stakeholders in the process. Using its State…

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4 Comments on “People Power Defeats ‘Death Sentence’ Water Bill In Nigeria — But The Fight Isn’t Over”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Hun, going towards commercialising or privatising the free air God gave us to breath. May God punish the wicked.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      I’m sure resounding AMENS will meet your prayers from more than those immediately under the heavy yoke of water and other man-made privations all over Nigeria.

      My regards,




    In my opinion, this is another colorful feather to Late Gani Fawehinmi, SAN, who fought all his life for the supremacy of people’s power, rules of law and civil rule.

    I had followed the terrible, anti people, satanic and unhealthy antics of present Lagos State administration’s antics to commercialize water supply and its related resources unto the hegemonies of the “monied” dynasties of the likes of Tinubus, Gbadamosis, Otedolas, Folawiyos, etc.

    We should take note here that what have also helped in this case are the quick interventions from international agencies. This is because Lagos State is highly indebted unto these agencies for aids and loans. The administration knows that negative signals from these agencies could cost their administration lots of economic setbacks. I urge the people to keep standing for their fundamental rights.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Yemi,

      Thanks very much for this.

      I would not have been aware of the peculiar Lagos State water problem even though most Nigerians, incl. this blogger whose family powers her home and has supplied ALL her water needs for exactly two decades, are aware of the water problem in Nigeria – if not for the site from which I reblogged this story.

      In April last year, the blog – WEIRCENTREFORAFRICA.COM which deals with water and other environmental issues around the world, esp. Nigeria – posted “Update on Privatization of water supply in Lagos State”. There had also been other related posts.

      The mad quest to concession water, a basic human right that is freely God-given by Lagos State is not only baffling but a sad commentary on Nigeria’s seemingly-unstoppable road to creating a country where a Select Few live lives of utter luxury through no effort or contribution of theirs while the rest live lives of penury.

      As the group leaders of the NGOs and civic organizations of this laudable mass protest state, the end is not yet in sight and they must therefore not relent until complete victory is won.

      Greetings, & sincere regards,



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