We’ve come a long way … just not as in the old cigarette ad – Tola Adenle

emotanafricana.com is six years old today, March 30, 2017! To put a little twist to an old friendly, albeit a deadly come-on Virginia Slims cigarette ad to young women: we’ve come a long way, baby!

A few things to sing about follow these acknowledgments.

Thanks to all my visitors – known and unknown – who’ve helped me keep the journey beyond a self-imposed March 30, 2016 end to the blog that I had planned from its birth. It’s continued to be enriching, and I’ll continue to keep at it for as long as I can.

Very special thanks go to the following visitors-turned-occasional contributors-become-friends whose writings have proved draws to the site for others:  Dele Daramola, Femi Aborisade, Taiwo Olaniyi, Professor A.G. Adegoke, Dr. Abdsalam Ajetunmobi and my sibling, Professor Ladipo Adamolekun. They’ve all brought in the type of visitors who arrive at the blog looking for mostly academic-type write-ups.

And I cannot but extend my sincere thanks to various sites from which I’ve borrowed material – with acknowledgment, of course), most especially saharareporters.com; there are also premiumtimesng.com, pointblanknews.com and others.  At the beginning in 2011, I ensured that readers of my comments on saharareporters.com – a site I had visited daily for years before embarking on my blog (I still do) – could follow me by including the URL of emotanafricana.com at the end of my comments instead of just my name; Ọmọyẹlé Sowore, the founder and editor let it be. The move showed quite a lot of traffic, especially at a time when my blog was unknown.

Who knows, I may be able to get this going for, say, another few years but one thing is certain no matter how short or long the duration may be: you can count on continued commentaries that are not bought/paid for in cash or kind, and you can count on getting informed commentaries on sports, the Arts, Society … from Nigeria, the USA and many other parts of the world.

A lot of thanks, too, to http://www.wordpress.com, the massive name behind big and small websites (like mine). If I can appear like an expert who knows what she’s doing when most of the time I’m really at sea, the credit should go to wordpress.

I thank you all.

TOLA, March 30, 2017.

Top 20 Posts & a Few Interesting Others  March 30, 2011 – March 29, 2017

                                                      POST TITLES     AUTHORS   VIEWS
Yoruba Engagement Aṣọ Oke, etcetera Tola Adenle 20,376
What’s in a name? A look at Yoruba’s view of some birds’ names! Dele Daramola   8,388
Most Yoruba Males complete their looks, most looks, with fìlà Tola Adenle   8,204
The National Question and the Nigerian Constitution Femi Aborisade   6,020
Education Sector in Crisis: Evidence, Causes and Possible Remedies Ladipo Adamolekun   4,747
A bit of [Yoruba] History: Baṣọrun Gaa (The Wicked Prime Minister of the Old Ọyọ Kingdom Taiwo Olaniyi   4,176
The Story of Emotan Tola Adenle   4,079
How IBB (Babangida), Obasanjo, Abacha shared Nigeria’s Oil Wells Point Blank News   3,956
Yoruba classic clothes at weddings: Sányán, Ẹtù and Àlàárì Tola Adenle   3,928
Ọlọwọ̀ of Ọ̀wọ̀ Sir Ọlatẹrù-Ọlagbẹ̀gí at Igogo Festival (1960s)          “   3,838
Yoruba Aso Oke:  2013 Oje-Ibadan & Oje-Ẹdẹ Market Days          “   3,482
O le kú! The more things change, the more they remain the same, & modern uses for Aso Oke          “   3,309
Yoruba Classic Aso Oke (3 of 3, Contd.) Àlàári Ondo Variation          “   2,997
Yoruba Classic Clothes at Weddings: Sányán, tù and Àlàárì          ”   2,547
Yoruba Aso Oke: Classic & Modern, for every age in every age          “   2,246
Why do Immigrant kids perform so well in America (2): The Nigerian Example Tola Adenle   2,112
The ugly Nigerian takes his (drug) trade to the land of the dragon, and is slain! (Site’s title: Guangzhou police smash city’s Nigerian-led drug ring Gbooza! The African Social News Network   2,037
Yoruba Drums and Drummers Tola Adenle   1,757
UPDATE: Janice Cottrill, the daughter from hell won’t sell father’s house she took to father; June 26 is eviction hearing! [Crowd-funding on the web had raised money in 2013 to purchase an old man’s house from daughter who stole it!] Tola Adenle (with news reports   1,506


D.O. Fagunwa: Let’s raise our voices in praise of him whom generations yet unborn will come to know – 50th anniversary of passing of late writer Tola Adenle 1,308
***A list of those who have continued to profit from Nigeria’s collective misery  through the “Oil Subsidy” lie – [with comments & title by Tola Adenle] Sahara Reporters 1,211
Madness in Nigeria (2): Ahmed Ndimi, son of a Nigerian oil billionaire, reportedly posted his $99 million bank balance on Instagram [The 20-Something year-old boy got married to one of Nigeria’s President Buhari’s daughters a little over 3 yrs after the bizarre display by a child of an oil block beneficiary] Daily Star 1,196
“Nigerian Pastor” tries to walk on water like Jesus, then drowns in front of his congregation  [An update written by me:  https://emotanafricana.com/2014/01/14/update-the-nigerian-pastor-who-rode-the-deep-to-hell-tola-adenle/


shows the “pastor’s” pictures and name which led me to include in above post of same date that

the “pastor” was most likely NOT a Nigerian because KEBELE does not sound Nigerian as many fraudulent people do fish out and adopt Nigerian names for nefarious activities.

Allchristiannews.com    970
Falade’s “The Origin of Man …”: Why is the narration of Yoruba’s sacred origin less-superior/tenable to other creation claim…” COMMENTS BY Dr. Abdsalam Ajetunmobi on the paper, [“The Blackman’s challenges and the way out”, a Symposium by five University Professors held at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Nigeria, on April 4, 2014.] Falade is a UCH Paediatrician. Professor A.G. Falade    783
In Nigeria, “being dishonest is not socially frowned upon” – an expat on his way out of Nigeria laments Daily Digest   694

*** Here is the list which I culled from Sahara Reporters: http://saharareporters.com/news-page/fuel-subsidy-scam-senate-releases-names-cabal#comment-314959.  It is widely reported in Nigerian newspapers of today. [December 3, 2011]

Oando Oil is owned by Wale Tinubu; Mike Adenuga owns CONOIL, Femi Otedola owns AP while MRS Oil is run by Aliko Dangote’s brother, Sayyu Dantata.  Other key players named today include Pinaccle Construction Ltd, as well as Integrated Oil and Gas, which is owned by a former Minister of the Interior, Capt. Emmanuel Iheanacho.

The full list, and their individual haul, as read out by Senator Abe, is as follows:
1.    Oando Nigerian Plc. – N228.506 billion
2.    MRS –N224.818 billion
3.    Pinnacle Construction-N300 billion
4.    Enak Oil & Gas –N19.684 billion
5.    CONOIl – N37.960 billion
6.    Bovas & Co. Nig. Ltd. – N5.685 billion,
7.    Obat N85 billion and AP; N104.5billion.
8.    Folawiyo Oil – N113.3 billion
9.    8.IPMAN Investment Limited- N10.9billion
10.    ACON – N24.1billion
11.    Atio Oil-N64.4billion
12.    AMP- N11.4billion
13.    Honeywell-N12.2billion
14.    Emac Oil- N19.2billion
15.    D.Jones Oil-N14.8billion;
16.    Capital Oil – N22.4 billion
17.    AZ Oil- N18.613billion
18.    Eterna oil- N5.57 billion
19.    Dozil oil- N3.375 billion
20.    Fort oil-N8.582 billion.
21.    Integrated Oil and Gas- N30.777 billion

MARCH 30, 2017. Noon GMT

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4 Comments on “We’ve come a long way … just not as in the old cigarette ad – Tola Adenle”

  1. idagbasoke Says:

    Congratulations Ma!!!! I quite enjoy your balanced view on issues. J



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear J.,

      Very many thanks for the good wishes, and thanks, too, for the positive role you’ve played in the growth of emotanafricana.com; ditto, your effort in the yield of a book from one of my favorite topics – Yoruba Aṣọ Oke – on the blog.

      You have my highest regards,always,



  2. bisisowunmig Says:

    Very hearty congratulations my dear Tola.

    You are doing a very noble and highly commendable work with quite a number of Hudson in results. Sadly the majority of the Nigerian elite is apathetic, complacent, and therefore connivers at the pillage of our commonwealth and the plague of bad governance.

    Imagine the tomfoolery and most individuals play acting going on in the Senate currently. It is so tragic, but how many of us are sufficiently incensed to castigate them?

    Did you hear what the Ooni of Ife told some Yoruba leaders who called on him about the March 8 killings? He said that people should be careful not to say or do things that can disrupt the unity and peace of this country! He said that the young people should not allow themselves to be used by politicians!

    I thought I did not hear properly. This is shocking if indeed he said so. It’s more than disappointing; it is a betrayal of the highest order, and it sounds most disingenuous. Are the Yoruba to continue being sacrificed for the non-existing true unity in the country?

    People are rightly incensed and alarmed at the speed with which the police intervened and arrested mostly the indigenes, carting them to Abuja to be paraded as suspects or condemned criminals, the reported presence of the minister of internal affairs and Kwakwanso, etc., yet when people castigated the federal government for not intervening in the southern Kaduna massacres, the excuse was that as a federal system the governor should be allowed to take action first. What kind of hollow, double-standard and phony stance is that!

    Won’t the only said seem very tragic anti-climax. He said that he’s not bothered that his people were takwn to Abuja one offense committed in his domain? Does he not care that the rest well very one sided? And is there a judicial commission of inquiry investigating the incident? I feel very very disturbed and grieved by the whole affair.

    Please carry on the excellent work you are doing. May God continue to sustain, uphols, and protect you. Amen
    Sent from my iPad

    Liked by 1 person


    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Sis.,

      Thank you very much for the good wishes, Ma. Encouragement from you and others assist me and make me want to plod on when things get to the point that I wonder to myself if it’s all worth it because Nigeria seems doomed to never achieving greatness and definitely never rising to nationhood.

      As for the Ife Monarch on whom many placed hopes of a new era in Yoruba leadership, I think the problem that consumes many others in Yorubaland – inability to see the wider picture – is already upon him.

      As for the farce and rapacious pillaging that pass for governance, most of us are at our wits’ ends as to how else to cry out.

      Who will open people’s closed minds beyond sybaritic pleasures!

      Fondest regards, Ma,



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