Nigeria, where anything is possible, in world’s eyes as truth behind $50m cash found in a Lagos apartment, remains unsolved

April 18, 2017


There have been reports of huge sums of cash discovered by Nigeria’s crime-investigating agency, the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission lately. Among multiple finds were a couple of what is “trending” – to borrow an info-age cliche – within Nigeria’s cesspool of corruption government officialdom which seems to have been enhanced by the new “Whistle-blower” program.  Looters have been known to stash cash in septic tanks, water tanks and other surreal locations. The new trend is to pile the stolen loots in a whole house (Kaduna) … The country’s  Information Minister was reported as saying cash is now being buried on farms and other out-of-the-way locations!

The Osborne Avenue find has not been without drama even if Nigerians are yet to know who actually owns the humongous amount. There are claims to it – unbelievably – while there are also accusing fingers at some.

Wither Nigeria! TOLA.

Whistleblower Narrates What Transpired In The Lagos Apartment Where EFCC Seized $50m –


Osborne Towers at No 16 Osborne Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, where over $50 million was discovered by the EFCC [Photo Credit: EFCC]

While Ayodele Oke, the Director-General of the Nigerian Intelligence Agency (NIA) has claimed that the $43 million, N23.2 million and £27,800 (N13billion) cash found in an apartment in Lagos last week belongs to his agency, information available to SaharaReporters suggests that the woman seen hauling the money into the apartment in Ghana-Must-Go bags may have been Folashade Oke, his wife.

Our investigation has revealed that the owners of Apartment 7B gave Folashade Oke, with phone number +2348059833410, as their contact. Sources at the NIA confirmed Folashade to be the spouse of their Director-General, Mr. Oke.

The day after the money was discovered, Mr. Oke had told SaharaReporters he could not verify any information about the money as he had not read any report linking his agency to the cash.

After pledging to speak to us thereafter, he did not take any calls until he suddenly announced that the money belonged to NIA, and that it had been approved by President Goodluck Jonathan for certain “covert” activities.

One of the whistleblowers responsible for the discovery told our correspondent that since he started working on the property as a guard, a woman who spoke fluent Yoruba repeatedly brought huge bags of money to Apartment 7B. That particular property was known to guards as Apartment “Dash-Dash” because in the records there were two dashes where the name of the owner ought to be.

The whistleblower’s account somehow tallies with the denial of the Central Bank of Nigeria earlier today that it ever sent bullion vans to take money to the apartment, as claimed by Mr. Oke.

Meanwhile, the EFCC operatives who raided the building have stated that in addition to the vast sums of money they found in various currencies, they also retrieved 2015 posters and presidential campaign paraphernalia belonging to former President Goodluck Jonathan and his then Vice President, Named Sambo at the scene.




TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 2017. 5:03 p.m. [GMT]

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