Nigeria: “… a day of beef boycott [to] compel the government to take action” – Soyinka on murderous Northern herdsmen

April 30, 2017


 “Maybe we should have a day of beef boycott to compel the government to take a holistic national action.”

Wole Soyinka during the press briefing

Soyinka, during the press conference on Friday, April 28, 2017. []

Nobel Laureat Wole Soyinka’s frustration with the lack of will on the part of the leadership to solve the problems of Fulani herdsmen was apparent in a recent question-and-answer session with the press. They dealt with the leadership vacuum in the country which has led to the unchecked incessant killings and carnage spread by Fulani cattle men about which he spoke to the press a year ago. And despite his reported promise by the president year ago to tackle the promise in six months, he told the press what he believes now seems a deliberate provocation by lawless cattlemen on his property.

Below is extracted from a newsreport by

“I’ve reported to the police and I’ve reported to the Alake of Abeokuta. They came, this time, right to my doorstep. In other words, they didn’t just carve a motorable way across the property, they actually came through another path to my doorstep. We’re living in dangerous times. Other things have happened by the way which I haven’t made public.

“These people who have no respect for human life and who use human beings, including some of our Chibok girls as suicide bombers, why shouldn’t they decide to use cattle as suicide bombers? It’s not an exaggerated way of thinking. It’s a cumulation of many things which we’ve been undergoing in this country, not just around my area.

“They are camping all over the place, not as peaceful neighbours but as conquerors. It seems to me that there is a movement to enslave the citizens of this nation wherever they happen to be to show that they are masters of the land.


It is on record that Buhari and other representatives of cattle owners stormed out of the meeting, having been unable to receive promise of payment from a people who had never received as much as apologies for rapes, murders and pillage.

Fast forward to now, and the outcry of Soyinka becomes understandable because as president and, especially a leading owner of cattle, Buhari has the power to bring this harassment and impunity to an end so that not only Soyinka but millions in this country, especially the South that these murderous cattlemen daily torture, can breath a sigh of relief.

The problem has become so rampant that farmers, home-owners and just about everybody have become “enslaved”, to borrow the Nobel Laureate’s description that the herdsmen have constituted themselves into terrorists.

Just last week at Akure, I wanted to see how some seeds I brought for my younger sister was doing in her little market garden that yields ẹ̀fọ́ elégédé and other vegetables that she plants not far from her home. Àwọn Ọga Màlū ti rin gbogbo ẹ! [Our Masters, The Cows, have rampaged over them.]

Her description of the rampaging cows is not far from some of Nobel Laureate’s words in  ‘Terms of Enslavement I: Holy Cows, Green Gods, and Law of Karma,’  which can be found by reading‘s account of the press conference – url below.

How long must this go on? With the North’s massive population and land, why won’t these people rear their cattle up North, sell most to their people and when they are ready to sell, freight the cattle down south?

It seems that once the idea of [mis]appropriating southern lands for cattle owners was not well-received, they have now resorted to intimidation of the voices that dare speak out against the riding roughshod over the rest of the country for what is a commercial and very lucrative business.

SOYINKA IS RIGHT: Time to boycott meat not for a day but a week to start with, and along with it all those over-fertilized tomatoes, tatase (a pepper I never saw nor heard of till my 30s] and other produce IF those excess parties that have become the SW way of life would allow it.

The rains are here. Just about every produce from the North will do well down here. The “Terms of Enslavement” are not that different from the old ones even though we may not feel so as long as veneer of “civilization” may becloud our perception.



SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2017. 4:26 a.m. [GMT]



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