NIGERIA: Senate President, Saraki/ Abba Kyari’s purported power game to throw Nigeria into chaos – Tola Adenle

July 12, 2017


Nigerian websites and even some foreign ones have lit up lately as hopes for return of President Buhari from his  very long and unusual leave have dimmed. Is Buhari dead; Buhari is dead, and it is de ja vu as Buhari’s long illness brings back memories of Yar Adua’s illness, et cetera are headlines or secondary titles as the saga of another serious illness takes Nigeria’s leader away from the country for an indeterminate time.

Nigerians have not once been informed the exact nature of an illness that has seen the president spending most of 2017 unable to exercise the requirements of the office because even when he was around during this year, he was holed up at the presidential villa, unable to attend to his duties.

In that kind of situation as in most things Nigerian, the long-suffering citizens of the country have been reduced to peddling rumors and hear-says with not a word coming out of the “presidency”.

Lately, things have not unexpectedly taken a worse turn: first, the army Chief of Staff reportedly warn against/about a possible coup; the leader of Buhari’s ruling APC also warned against coups but those were still not the end of the scares.

Bukola Saraki, the desperately-ambitious president of the country’s senate, a man on whose head hangs/used to hang – Nigerians do not exactly know how he got off the hook of alleged corruption, forgery, at cetera –   charges that could have seen him head to jail for years, suddenly started shaking things up the Nigerian way.

For a little aside, the guy and his family left zillions of Nigerians carrying empty bags when he, his late father and other family members who owned a bank, supposedly bled the bank dry; nothing punitive apparently happened to them as most Nigerians are familiar with family, friends … who never got anything back from their savings.

And he still ends up in the country’s senate?

Oh, yeah, after EIGHT years as a state governor.

One of the more popular essays on this blog after years is an interview I culled from a newspaper to which I gave this snazzy long title, taken from interviewee’s words: “‘In Nigeria, being dishonest is not socially frowned upon’, an expat on way out of Nigeria.'” [Link at the end]

I really have no idea of the goings on at Abuja (like most Nigerians) but seeming tension between the Acting President, Dr. Osibajo and Saraki & Co at the Senate who would rather the head of the country’s crime-investigating agency be removed. Most view Magu, the EFCC head, as one doing a good job which, in a country where corruption runs deep, means Magu is stepping on powerful corrupt toes.

Now, there are reports of Saraki and the president’s equally-ambitious chief of staff planning to subvert the system and ensure that IF Buhari can no longer rule, Saraki would take over the mantle of leadership.

I do not possess the capacity to analyze that scenario but I believe –

  •  if anything untowards should happen to Osibajo oe
  • if Buhari is permanently incapacitated and Saraki becomes Nigeria’s leader,


The link below is recommended…



WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 2017.  3:20 GMT


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