Nigeria: Femi Aborisade questions Buhari’s media aide & his threat of “assassination” of critics – Tola Adenle

August 21, 2017


Protests in Nigeria was in full steam over President Buhari’s second long stay at great expense and, despite Vice-President Osibajo’s very able acting capacity, the protests might not have been undertaken by millions of Nigerians but it definitely had the support of most citizens who truly love the country and want well for her and citizens.

Buhari’s complete show of disdain for the Nigerians as well as lack of transparency as to what actually ails him were points of ill will against a president who rode to power on, perhaps, the widest support across the country in the history of political campaigns in Nigeria.

Before his arrival over the weekend, the president never deemed it necessary – perhaps he thought it was beneath his position – to address Nigerians in the several months he has now raked up overseas for medical “check-up” in 2017 even as news reports claimed he made various phone calls, including one to a governor who had lost his mother!

As activists pointed out the obvious: that “this democracy has collapsed”, and that Buhari should #RESUMEorRESIGN, et cetera, 

Femi Adesina, in the true mold of those who have held positions of spokespersons for Nigeria’s heads of state – imperial lords who mostly reigned – took great umbrage at the tone of criticisms that were being lobbed at the president.

Not unexpectedly, the usual rent-a-crowds sprang up to sing Buhari’s praise as if the situation was a for-or-against-Buhari rather than a for-the-progress-of-the-country or against.

Definitely, a president’s long absence from a country he’s supposed to rule could not have enhanced the progress of the country.

Therefore, those asking the president to return home but if unable to do so, to resign definitely love Nigeria more than the activists and the Femi Adesinas of Nigeria’s political space whose words and actions imply protesters deserve to be assassinated.

I do not know what goes on at mosques but ALL churches that I’ve attended for one reason or another since the president started taking long medical “vacations” have offered prayers for the restoration of Muhammadu Buhari’s health to which I’ve heard nothing but resounding “Amens”. These have not, however, stopped vicars, pastors … preaching sermons about the ills that plague Nigeria that need urgent attention, nor – as a vicar intoned – “… God will change the hearts of rulers who pillage Nigeria …” Of course, that prayer implied ALL levels of governance.

Must Nigeria die with the incapacitation of a leader? Even Buhari, himself noted earlier that Nigeria will move on even without him.

While most Nigerians pray for him and wish him complete restoration to good health, most believe that enough is enough of these long expensive medical treatments overseas, a practice that Candidate Buhari promised to cancel if elected but times, like the title of a popular high school novel, changes yesterday.

Nigerians do not have to accept it any longer. The appearance of the president does not tell us that he is well enough to continue to rule the country.

NOW, TO FEMI ADESINA who, like those before him in same megaphone position, would say and do anything as long as they remain in positions that may gain them material wealth but that always have them end up as caricatures:

  • remember Reuben Abati and most of those before him, and remember not a single one of those hated (even before leaving their posts) got carried away enough with their new stations to threaten assassination against Nigerians as you have reportedly implied.

If you have been wrongly accused, you must say so now.


Here is an excerpt from Mr. Aborisade’s press release on Adesina’s attack on  “Charly Boy” and his RESIGNorRETURN Movement;  The whole statement can be read through the link at the bottom.  

“Femi Adesina, a presidential spokesman, had also, in a public statetement, threatened and warned that violent attacks on government critics would set in. He used stronger words suggesting that critics could begin to be assasinated. In his own words, he said but for the Democratic dispensation of Buhari, orders could have been given to “take off the heads of government critics”. Femi Adesina’s statement threatening assassination of government critics mayy be accessed at –”

NOTE:  I could not access the essay. TOLA.




AUGUST 21, 2017. 3:10 p.m. [GMT]



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