President Buhari, Nigeria’s remaining one entity will be negotiated despite your failed campaign promise – Tola Adenle

August 22, 2017


The issue of “National Question and Identity” – “Restructuring”, National Dialogue and other titles given to a needed-conference of the different nationalities which the British haphazardly married during colonialism, a marriage that needs re-working, has never gone away. Rather, it has continued to fester while those who have profited/continue to profit from the fake “federalism” that the country operates – a cancerous growth from the long military unitary rule – keep mouthing as “Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable.”

In Buhari’s so-called “address to the ‘nation'” after his latest long sojourn to enjoy first-class foreign excchange-funded medical treatment while countless children die of simple malaria, he not showed his utter disdain for the Nigerian people by not issuing a single apologetic word with as little as ‘scuse me …’, and was well enough to stoke further the fire of utter dismay and anger about “The National Question. His failed campaign promise to restructure Nigeria if elected, has long been jettisoned by the APC, under his mis-guidance.

“Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable” featured in the NON-“address”; in fact, it IS the only substantive issue for him as the “address” contains nothing else.

By the way, in the report of the “address” that I read online as well as his letter to the National Assembly, no mention of why he was away for so long appeared which means that a mere ten years from now, Buhari’s obscenely-expensive medi-check which included a stand-by jet parked for over a hundred days during the last trip, would have been forgotten and be non-existent in the records.

In the scantily-worded letter to the cuckholded National Assembly and address to the “nation'” – pardon me, Nigeria has never grown to nationhood, hence my generally referring to it in quotes – a president, who as a candidate that millions of Southerners changed their long distrust about and supported massively with their votes, Buhari was able to muster enough energy to dare most Nigerians with the evil 5-word put-off: “Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable!”

May be not in your time, PresidentMuhammadu Buhari, a very different character from the ascetic, principled and straightforward General Buhari, albeit a rigid religious adherent of the Muslim faith whom we were sure we knew very well.

Restructuring MUST happen IF Nigeria will continue to remain one.

A “unified” country in which a state like your native Katsina, whose ALLOTTED population of 5,792,578 from the most recent census got MULTIPLE times the number of posts that Lagos – with an ALLOTTED population of 9,013,534 – received for one of the country’s agencies employment positions despite the enshrinement of National Character in appointments to “federal” positions, cannot continue to exist as it is.

Here is a paragraph that reflected the disbelief and horror of Southern Nigerians, especially, the Yorubas of the Southwest when the last census figures were released. It’s from an essay for my weekly column for [Nigeria’s The Nation on Sunday on January 21, 2007 – over 10 years ago – and reproduced on this blog on April 17, 2012: ).

“Also incredible is the almost 12 million people (11,859,140) who supposedly now reside in old Kaduna State made up of Kaduna – 6,066,562 and Katsina – 5,792,578 States. Incredible because the figures would have us believe that more people – 2.84 million more – live in Kaduna/Katsina States than Oyo/Osun States. My husband had an office for his consulting firm at Zonkwa during the Governor Balarabe Musa-governed Kaduna State, as well as a smaller project site at Wukari in old Gongola State, mostly for fieldwork. Before some writers start turning facts upside down, I wish to state that I await with great interest the breakdowns to see how many people now reside in towns like Zonkwa, Wukari, etcetera and cities like Ibadan, Oyo State. Ogbomoso, Iseyin, Oyo-Alaafin, Saki, Kisi, etcetera are all in Oyo and of the state’s 5,591,589 supposed inhabitants, it will be interesting to see the figures for these cities when the entire Oyo state’s figure would hardly cover the population of Ibadan in reality.”

Finally, I must refer, as I’ve had to do many times in the past whenever I wrote on “The National Question; Restructuring Nigeria …, to an article by Femi Aborisade.

Posted on on this blog on June 17, 2013, “The National Question and the Nigerian Constitution” is so important to most Nigerians that it continues to attract vast readership four years after its posting. From an initial slow start of a mere 117 views in 2013, it grew to just 490 the following year but has steadily grown to over 2,000 in 2015 & 2016 each, and is keeping pace in 2017. Since June this year, it has recorded 381 views, and has attracted 32 views just this past week. Suffice to add that since it was first posted, there has not been a month with the exception of the first two years when  “The National Question …”  has not attracted over a hundred views but mostly hundreds of readers with a high of 760 views in June 2016. [Source:].

How could a president who got elected on a groundswell of public support from two of the three old regions based on his campaign promises one of which continues to generate so much interest abandon that promise once he got elected.

Finally, why would President Buhari continue to go along with the charade of a capability to govern when it’s apparent he –

  •  is not well enough to face the arduous task that governing a country as vast as Nigeria calls for;
  • is not really in command, but merely superficially in charge. A Buhari of old with the physical, but more important the mental acuity to govern would not condone in somebod else the masquerade that The Nigeria Project has now been saddled with.

The only and patriotic thing left for him so that remaining in governance would not completely obliterate the Buhari of old is for his family to end this pathetic reduction of a man once respected by even his fiercest critics long before he won the presidency, to a caricature.  This blogger, among many Southerners, had a conversion of Damascene proportion by 2011 as Buhari tried – again unsuccefully – for the presidency, and was one of those in the vanguard of rehabilitating – so to say – his reputation for his 2015 fourth run for the presidency.

Failing that, Charly Boy’s cry of #RETURNorRESIGN must now be modified to – PRESIDENT BUHARI, YOU MUST RESIGN NOW IF YOU TRULY LOVE NIGERIA.





TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 2017. 2:09 p.m. [GMT]






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One Comment on “President Buhari, Nigeria’s remaining one entity will be negotiated despite your failed campaign promise – Tola Adenle”

  1. bisisowunmig Says:

    I agree with you 300%. There is need to keep on shouting the exigency of restructuring the country for the sake of equity, fairness, justice, and honesty. Anyone who opposes the demand for restructuring and equates it with demand for a breakup of the country is an enemy of the country, a dishonest, selfish, and insensitive person who has no sense of social justice, equity, and fairness; in addition the person does not fear God and does not believe in the golden rule:do unto others what you would want them to do to you.
    This is 2017, not 1917. The most civilized and just way to decide on whether to restructure or not is, first to educate the populace on the basics of restructuring and then conduct a referendum, supervised by foreign observers as is done during national elections. From media report it seems at least 60%of Nigerians want restructuring. In fact it is those who oppose it who want to force the country to break up into two — the majority in support and the minority in opposition.
    The integrity and patriotism of the President are on trial. I pray he passes.

    Sent from my iPad



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