Fans the world over share Serena’s [& Ohanian’s] joy of new baby – Tola Adenle

September 5, 2017

Society/Living, Sports

Delta seems ready when Serena’s baby is, and oh wow, what better Gate to await Ohanian’s precious little girl!




Delta seems ready when Serena’s baby is … at – where else – Gate 23!


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Various sports have been a big part of this blog from the beginning, and it’s no wonder that essays/commentaries relating to Serena Williams’ career here number in the tens.

The birth of Baby Girl Ohanian cannot, therefore, but go unannounced here, and what better way to do it than to cull a few of what must be thousands of messages that rejoice with the new parents through social media.

It’s huge congratulations & best wishes to Serena and Alexis on their new bundle of joy. TOLA.



TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2017. 8.10 p.m. [GMT] 

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2 Comments on “Fans the world over share Serena’s [& Ohanian’s] joy of new baby – Tola Adenle”

  1. Timothy Otunla Says:

    Edumare ba wa da omo na si , ko Dag a,ko ju awon to bi lo. Mo ti gbiyanju bii pe ki Serena Egbon e Venus ati aburo won Yetunde Maa wa se imoriya (tennis clinic) lododun ni West/East/Central and Siutgern Africa pelu iranwo USAID/PEACE CORPS/UNDP! Bawo ni iba se dara to? Ilu a mo ore o tao

    Sent from my iPhone




    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Egbon,

      Thanks for the wonderful idea as regards how the Williams Sisters could conduct an annual tennis clinic in Wedt Africa. It should generate interest in the game and interest young females to Tennis.

      While I can do an open letter to Serena and Venus in the hope it gets noticed, it wouod be nice if tennis organizers, especially the Lagos Tennis Assoc, can reach out to them. I think it was the body that brought Venus and Serena to Nigeria – Lagos – a few years back.

      What I will try and do is to get an open letter done in the next few weeks and find out how to get a copy to the Lagos body.

      Thanks for the usual interest and suggestions. Thanks, too, for the good wishes through this medium, tomSerena and her baby.

      Fond regards, Sir,

      E se, o, Egbon. Olorun yio l’ora emi nyin fun wa, o.



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