September 17, 2017


Indeed, a real feel-good story not only for these times but I believe for everybody to never, ever, give up.

Just imagine, one moment, a career-disrupting major crisis: a mom who was ready to win her daughter’s cad of a husband who walked bsck, next – tenure, JOE DIMAGGIO at the unlikeliest of chance … The Grant that would yield Project BRCA1 …

What a story!

Thanks very much for sharing, and I hope you’ve gotten back your links to the world, and that you will recover from the devastations of the environmental disaster.


The Truth On Common Sense

Although we had our power back on, following Hurricane Irma, within 36 hours, we just began access to TV, our landline and WiFi about NOON today.   So, I hope to have my blog back in action, possibly today, or perhaps tomorrow.

In the interim, I wish to share this feel-Good Story, from the Huffington Post.


The Week My Husband Left And My House Was Burgled I Secured A Grant To Begin The Project That Became BRCA1
14/09/2017 17:19 | Updated 2 days ago

Dr Mary-Claire King
American Cancer Society Professor at the University of Washington in Seattle
life less ordinary banner

The week of April Fools’ Day of 1981 began badly. That Sunday night my husband told me he was leaving me. He had fallen in love with one of his graduate students, and they were headed back to the tropics the next day.

I was completely devastated…

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3 Comments on “OUT OF THE LOOP!”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Didn’t know you were in the hurricane zone. What an experience? I hope things are getting to normal now. Wishing you the best in.the days ahead.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      O to ‘jo meta! (Quite a long time).

      Thanks for this. It’s been a particularly nasty hurricane season for the Caribbean and Southern USA this year, and from accounts, people in hurricane-prone areas are not completely out of it yet; a couple of others are still at sea.

      Your good wishes and those of millions are with everybody in that zone that these deadly monsters would have their strengths greatly diminished by the times they reach landfalls.

      The Climate Change deniers of the USA will, hopefully, wake up to the reality.




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