The Rohingya Exodus: A son shows what true love & shared humanity mean – Facebook

September 30, 2017

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Although the image here from the Rohingya Refugees’ Biblical-proportion horror may not really need any caption to be understood, the intro to a picture-as-essay by Remi, a blog regular who shared it, and the copy written by Mr. Salli who posted it are both very much on the mark.

This heartening image that is definitely “unique” shows there are still places on earth where real family values and one-for-all & all-for-one trumps the individualism and “no-time-to-stand-and-stare” of the so-called modern and “civilized” world.

Thanks very much, Mr. Salli for ensuring this image registers on our collective mind, and thanks Remi for sharing. TOLA.


This is actually normal, but we’ve come to believe it’s unique because much of the news we consume is either antisocial or gruesome or both.  Happy stories don’t sell ads…  Remi

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A young Muslim from Burma who fled to Bangladesh, did not leave behind his parents who are unable to move, he carried them on his shoulders for 7 days until he reached his destination.
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2017. 5:42 P.M. [GMT]




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2 Comments on “The Rohingya Exodus: A son shows what true love & shared humanity mean – Facebook”

  1. mr.johnsons.snapshots Says:

    as enlightening and yes, heartwarming, as this photo is – and indeed it is – the FACT that it (the plight of the Rohingya) is not even mentioned on American news – network and/or cable, is disgusting. Seriously disgusting, yet as sad as that fact is, the apparent “Donald Trumping (yeah, that is a disease) of the Myanmar “Nobel PEACE Prize winner” president Ms Aung San Suu Kyi, is pathetically not surprising. This and the Idiot-in-Chief on his golf course bitching at the gall of the people of Puerto Rico getting themselves devastated by that hurricane, ruining his rant about those black (and rich and socially conscious) oh I forgot UPPITY football players protesting the unfair second class citizenship of their brethren, well people have only so much time to CARE about those BLACK, BROWN, YELLOW, RED and other folk who look not like them. What the hell happened to us: as people, caring people, what the hell happened to US? Oh yeah, Trump, TRUMP happened to us and he has infected the world with his cruelty. Nice, very nice photo and the sentiment is as well, but the GOLDEN RULE needs to be observed as well – Man, I think I overstayed my welcome: sorry –



    • emotan77 Says:

      Two descriptions of Trump’s presidency fascinate: “Trump happened to us …” – U, and “… going to The White House was a great honor until YOU SHOWED UP …” – LeBron.

      Indeed, rather sad that the media – print but especially broadcast, would continue to shield Americans from knowing what goes on in the world at large. It’s partly to blame for the insulation that has led to Americans not realizing how diminished the country’s status have become under Trump.

      Yeah, “Trump happend to us and he has infected the world with his cruelty”.


      Liked by 1 person


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