October 19, 2017


Got a google doodle for his life & work two days ago,
A real son of Africa, with roots deep in Nigeria,
272 Years after translation, he lives on.

Look, Ma, he got a Google Doodle!

Shackles of every stripe: plunder and corruption by African leaders, especially rulers of Olaudah’s ancestral homeland, economic shackles of neocolonialism … will one day be confined to the dustbin of history.

Thanks, Bro. for this powerful message.


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2 Comments on “Equiano”

  1. w.s.johnson Says:

    Dang, guess I should check out Google doodle’s more often (or even Google full stop) never knew they ‘promoted/pimped’ him, bravo Google! (now do something regarding your interpretation of the word “diversity”)



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks for this.

      Yeah, the folks do a good job of drawing attention to all sorts of subjects on certain anniversaries, including flying the Nigerian flag on October 1. And Equiano, with roots in the Eastern part of Nigeria, deservedly got his due a few days after Nigerian day!




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