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November 24, 2017

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Serena knew what she wanted for her wedding day: a fairy tale dress with a personal statement – a cape – as in SUPERWOMAN!

She had been pregnant with her new baby before embarking on her quest to equal the record 23 Slams long held by Margaret Court. After two grueling weeks of practice and competition, she finally won Grand Slam #23 Down Under back in January, and right inside this sentence are two great achievements – among many – that qualify the incomparable Ms. Williams as a Superwoman.

After a courtship and engagement followed, of course, by the birth of her baby, Serena and her fiancee announced their plans for the wedding.

Serena only had to breathe the idea of what she wanted for her wedding dress to her close friend and mentor, Anna Wintour, who, as long-time editor of [USA] Vogue, knows where and to whom to turn to bring any/all fashion ideas into life.

Enter the cape dress which idea fits Serena to a T, as in superwoman … Okay, may be women’s tennis, but I wonder how many men would win a grueling 2-week long tournament nursing, say, a SIMPLE broken toe?

With Ms. Wintour aboard as The One Serena consulted for advice on the dress, the idea of a cape became reality through the Fashion Avatar whose rolodex must be the envy of fashionable women everywhere:

“Well Sarah Burton with @alexandermcqueen is the one for you“, was her reported suggestion to Serena, and with those words, the woman whose persona and leadership style are portrayed in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, may have continued to undergo  image rehab in the public consciousness.

With Ms. Wintour’s closeness to public people we know about being more down to earth than the portrayal of the stuffy Ms. Miranda Priestley, the call-a-dog-a-bad-name … persona may gradually wear off. The Wintour character in Devil would be unreal in the two scenes below captured at Victoria Beckham’s presentations where Ms. Wintour has been a regular presence.  The apparent amazement of the paparazzi was evident in the tons of ink – okay, that’s no longer useful – expended on how she interacts with the Beckham’s little girl, Harper, in the front row at VB’s presentations. Shouldn’t little Miss Harper be screaming when touched by the Devil incarnate, the breathless reports seemed to imply.

I think most women who do excellent job are generally viewed as “hard”, “tough”, “aggressive/abrasive” … but what could be more telling of her humanity than the way she seems to take young women who are starting out under her wings: Victoria Beckham, Serena … If she was not excellent, Vogue could not have continued to soar these last three decades with the very restricted demographics it used to serve. I used to have a friend pick up only the annual September Edition of the mag  once I moved out of the States.  (I always had a way of getting the bulky edition sent to me half a world awayand my tailor could always be counted on to turn out impressive copies of  my few likes from a mag filled with mostly bulky grand dame-dominated galleries of clothes for rich and old white women.) A very close white girl friend always wondered what I found in the mag because the Vogue in 1975 is a world away from the its transformation since the late 1980s under Wintour’s leadership

And what could show her humanity than a Ms. Wintour at Serena’s presentation of her line in New York last year where she sat – more like Mother Hen than the [sort of] Wicked Witch in  Devil Wears Prada.



Image result for image of Harper, Beckham's daughter, sitting on Anna Wintour's lap at fashion show

Harper & David Bekham and Anna Wintour at Victoria’s presentation at NYFW. []


David & Harper and Anna Wintour [New York Daily News]


Should Meryl Streep be getting ready to play a softer, kinder and gentler Ms. Priestley in a re-make of Devil?  Who knows? Only time can tell.


Serena Williams Says She ‘Felt Like a Princess’ on Wedding Day Thanks to Anna Wintour’s Dress Advice

By Desiree Murphy/ETonline

© Provided by ETOnline :When in doubt, call Anna Wintour!


Newlywed Serena Williams revealed via Instagram on Tuesday that the Vogue editor-in-chief played a part in her special day. According to the tennis pro, Wintour was the one who suggested that she wear Alexander McQueen while saying “I do” to Alexis Ohanian.

“For the first dress When Anna Wintour asked me what I wanted to wear I said ‘a cape,’ I just want to wear a cape,” Williams shared. “‘Well Sarah Burton with @alexandermcqueen is the one for you.’ Thanks Anna. Thanks Sarah. I felt like a princess and superwoman all at once.” Saginaw, Michigan, native also shared a photo of her custom-made wedding shoes. The silver-and-gold Nike sneakers were bedazzled by hand, as shown in another video posted to Williams’ Instagram.

“Meet Michelle @merakimishell the amazing woman behind my incredible @nike Cortez shoes,” she captioned it. “Yes I wore them down the asile! Comfort for this bride! Thanks Michelle!!!” designer took to her own account to thank Williams for the opportunity, writing, “I am honored to have had the pleasure of designing the sparkles of your dancing and aisle shoes for your fairy-tale wedding! Such an iconic moment! Congratulations and I am so happy for you & @alexisohanian !!”

Williams, 36, and Ohanian, 34, tied the knot earlier this month in a Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. For the ceremony, Williams changed into a shorter white gown, which featured a feathered skirt. She topped off the look with the perfect pair of dancing shoes — emblazoned with sparkles, of course!


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2017. 11:20 P.M. [GMT]

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