Queen Elizabeth’s floral outfit color-matches Aṣọ Òkè Yoruba worn by Nigeria’s Envoy & spouse for Buckingham reception! – Tola Adenle



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Queen Elizabeth Turned a Matchy-Matchy Fashion Moment With Nigeria’s High Commissioner into an Epic Photo Op – vogue.com/Jannelle Okwodu

An audience with the Queen is always an occasion worth dressing up for, but what happens when you coordinate with her royal highness? When Queen Elizabeth IIreceived his excellency Nigerian High Commissioner George Oguntade and his wife Modupe, the trio created a fashion moment of epic proportions in the same vibrant color scheme. With Mrs. Oguntade wearing a beautiful striped ipele that matched perfectly with her husband’s agbada, the couple presented a united front in looks that were traditional yet modern, an elegant take on political power dressing à deux. The Oguntades were certainly in sync, but their connection to the Queen took things to the next level.

In a demure floral patterned dress worn with black flats and one of her ever-present purses, the Queen matched Mr. and Mrs Oguntade perfectly. The color purple has long associated with royalty, so in that sense the group’s style dynamics aren’t that unexpected, though the surprise coordination made for a special photo op. With the official Royal Family Instagram sharing the image and hundreds of commenters asking whether or not the looks were planned in advance, the Queen joins the ranks of celebrities who break the internet with their every outfit update. While we’re unlikely to see HRH posting selfies in Vetements, the unexpected style moment shows the universality of bold color and great prints.


I checked out the story on quite a few websites.  One of the “Comments” from the story as carried by yahoo.com/Danielle Fowler can be found under “Comments” below this post.

It should be noted, however, that Mrs. Oguntade’s outfit is pnly color-matched with the High Commissioner’s because her iborùn – termed ìpèlé here –  gèlè, bùbá and ìró are matched by weave and colors. The High Commissioner’s complete outfit are color-coordinated with his wife’s.  In all, beautiful choices in Yoruba’s royal color of elése àlùkò (purple) to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen.


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2017.  10:31 P.M. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “Queen Elizabeth’s floral outfit color-matches Aṣọ Òkè Yoruba worn by Nigeria’s Envoy & spouse for Buckingham reception! – Tola Adenle”

  1. emotan77 Says:


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    Taiwo Obe‏ @araisokun Dec 7

    Want to know more about the fascinating textile worn by Nigeria’s new envoy to the UK: different types, origins, etc, then check this out https://emotanafricana.com/2016/02/04/emotanafricanabooksetcetera-present-aso-oke-yoruba-a-tapestry-of-love-color-tola-adenle/ … Cc: @SpeakAfricaApps @RoyalFamily



  2. emotan77 Says:


    POINT OF CORRECTION, & FOR THOSE WHO MAY BE INTERESTED, beg your pardon: The ambassador’s wife is not wearing “ipele” , as reported by the journalist. Ipele is one of the 4- or 5-pieces that make up the complete Yoruba (SW Nigeria) women’s formal dressing: the “buba” (a top); “iro” (wrapper); “gele” (head cover),”iborun” (a shoulder throw as worn by the spouse here), and sometimes, though not required, a fifth – the “ipele”, which the woman can tie on top of the wrapper. Yes, cumbersome but so are many national outfits that date as far back as the hand-woven YORUBA’S ASO OKE which has been around for generations. The ambassador is completely formally dressed for a Yoruba man: the big gown (agbada); pants (sokoto); an undershirt which is a mini “agbada” (dansiki/awotele) and, finally, the cap, without which a Yoruba man’s FORMAL dressing is incomplete. As for the usual negative comments on Nigeria, it’s all in the pursuit of giving a dog a bad name as the saying goes, to hang it. Nigeria’s population of close to 200 million probably has less chain-mail fraudsters than account hackers of Russia and many other countries’ maladjusted/citizens.




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