Nigerian Skaters & Surfers Turning Lagos’s Tarkwa Bay Into a Style Paradise – Nnadi

December 17, 2017

Arts & Culture, Nigeria

A New Crew of Nigerian Skaters and Surfers Is Turning Lagos’s Tarkwa Bay Into a Style Paradise – Chioma Nnadi for



Surfer Godpower Pekipuma wears Wafflesncream top and pants on Tarkwa Bay in Lagos, Nigeria.Photo: Baingor Joner


Tarkwa Bay is to Lagos what Rockaway Beach is to New York City. A 15-minute water taxi ride away from the mainland, it feels like a world apart from the bustling Nigerian metropolis. Here, the vibrant energy of Africa’s most populous city is tempered by a picture-postcard backdrop. Young couples relax in the shade of palm trees and feast on delicious plates of chicken suya, a spicy local delicacy, as children play games of soccer and volleyball on the sand. “It’s a paradise, an escape from the craziness of Lagos,” says Jomi Marcus-Bello. Marcus-Bello is the cofounder of Wafflesncream, Nigeria’s first skate brand, and has been coming here with his crew almost every weekend for the past few years. Much like skating, surfing is a relatively new sport to the region, and the teenage surf enthusiasts who zip along the shore are mostly self-taught. Some of them learn to ride the waves on makeshift boards they’ve cobbled together from discarded wood. “Surfing and skating, it’s like a feeling, that’s why we understand each other,” says Baingor Joiner, a Wafflesncream skater and photographer.


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2017.  3:00 P.M. [GMT]


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