UK/Nigeria: Kemi (Adegoke) Badenoch named to Teresa May’s cabinet – Tola Adenle

January 8, 2018


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Kemi Badenoch (nee Adegoke) – Google Images

Kemi Badenoch’s ascension to a cabinet position in Teresa May’s Conservative Government is a political impossibility in Nigeria, her country of birth. Generally, it is almost impossible to chart a course of political career without what is called “godfatherism”, a term that harks to dark-room, often-corrupt schemings.

While Ms. Badenoch had her university education in the UK, she was born in England during part of her parents’ education. She would return to England after her secondary education in Nigeria at the University of Lagos International School to attend the University of Sussex as well as Birkbeck College of the University of London.

Her education in Computer Engineering saw her work both in computer engineering systems at some companies as well as journalism during which she wrote for the conservative magazine,, The Spectator.

Ms. Badenoch became a Member of Parliament in 2017 although she had become a noted rising star within the Tories rank for many years.

The father, Femi Adegoke from an illustrious Ondo State family – like the mother’s Ogun State’s parents – is a medical doctor while the mother, Feyi, nee Adubifa, is a professor at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Professor Feyi Adegoke is a first cousin to Nigeria’s current vice-president, Professor Yemi Ọṣibajo who is married to a scion of Nigeria’s Awolowo political dynasty.

It’s hardly surprising that Kemi is married to a staunch “Remainer” who works in the City  while she is a staunch “Brexiteer”; pardon me, I think the strong political instinct has to do with her roots! Happily though, Mr. & Mrs. Badenoch are – thank you very much – comfortable in their political differences a la U.S. political power couple, James Carville (Democratic Party strategist) and Mary Matalin (similar role former activist for Republicans).

Kemi and Hamish Badenoch, a banker, got married in 2012, are parents to two children.


MONDAY, JANUARY 08, 2018. 4:20 P.M. [GMT]



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