Nigeria: murderous rampaging herdsmen’s impunity meet new tactics from frustrated Southerners – Tola Adenle

January 11, 2018


It’s in Benue today as we bury the over 70 killed by Fulani Terrorists. 11 January 2018.

How Nigeria arrived at this precipice
Despite the unrealistic skew of population figures from Nigeria’s censuses that claim more than 50% of Nigerians are in the North, the consumption of meat follows where the greatest populations are: the South. Cattle-rearing is done by mostly Northerners, especially from the president’s Northwestern area, and since Buhari’s inauguration, the herdsmen have grown brazen in the way they not only trespass farmlands but in raping and killing. Thousands have lost their lives and means of livelihood and despite entreaties to Buhari who is a member of the cattle owners to call these men to order, he has never really seemed interested in taking concrete steps to end the carnage.
With the slaughter of dozens in the Central State of Benue, a state of mostly Christians by Muslim herdsmen, Nigerians seem to have finally found a way, albeit a small way, to fight back the terrorism of Fulani herdsmen who have continued their impunity because they seem to take it that Buhari’s government will not go beyond the usual after-the-effect platitudes that have become too common: law enforcement officers have been told to find the culprits … 
It’s been the same with the killing of Christians by non-herdsmen Muslims who have not been given any serious repercussions for their terrorist activities of killing and burning churches.
Nigerians have cried out for government to act: opinion writers in newspapers, state governors, church leaders, respected older citizens like Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka  who has written many times about both the herdsmen and those who slaughter Christians.
[Check his suggestion almost a year ago after other rampages in one of the essays on the subjects here at the bottom of this post.]
Now, as in that old 70s movie with Finch & Faye Dunaway in title roles, Nigerians are taking tentative steps to show they are sick and tired and won’t take it any more.
Different steps are being taken apart from countless opinion essays in various newspapers and online news site that must hurt Buhari who got elected by very popular mandate.

It would be interesting to see how much of the cattle the purported huge population in the North can consume IF, indeed, the South can take this fight to a very logical and considerable conclusion. I can remember how, with frustration over apparently ever-galloping prices of grains, words went out about “poisoned beans” from the North in the SW about 20 years ago. Prices crashed but still no takers. An avid bean lover, I went out on a haunch and bought a cocoa-size bag of cow-peas for less than 10% of the regular price and stored it in containers along with dried whole hot peppers to keep it clean and safe. It would take months before things finally calmed down.
 A Yoruba friend has already warned me it would never work. Why do we not give it a chance and let the social forces take over? None is coming to liberate the South and Middle Belt from the domestic colonialists.

Here are items from the war on internal colonialism:

Circulating to many through WhatsApp
“The blood from beef is the blood of Nigeria’s farmers, their wives and children – ‘Blood Meat’  Are you a vampire? Stop eating cow meat now!”


From Ekiti’s Governor Fayose
Fayose has charged local hunters to defend Ekiti against herdsmen attack as he has decided not to travel to Abuja to seek help – an aside to the utter powerlessness of states in a “federal” governance system which sees state governors running to Abuja even for things & powers that are constitutionally-vested in states. The message was on his Twitter handle.
Peter Ayodele Fayose ✔ @GovAyoFayose On the herdsmen’s menace, I met with local hunters in Ekiti State today and charged them to protect the people since I won’t run to anyone in Abuja for help that is not available. They must not take laws into their hands, but they should defend Ekiti & its people. 4:52 PM – Jan 10, 2018.
Ekiti State’s Governor Fayose (dressed in camouflage) with representatives of the state’s Hunters’ Association after the meeting
Photo Credit:
Here are Fayose’s words reported as reported by
“We have never had it so bad. People must come to leadership with conscience. The Federal Government should have sent the army not a police. “Governor Ortom should fasten his belt and protect his people. Those seeking for help in Abuja would not find because Abuja also needs help. I sympathise with you, this is your home and nobody would kill you. You are all saved here.”
“I have received letters that the Bororos have entered our [Game] Reserves; they want to violate our laws. I want to call the attention of the FG [Federal Government] that they have come and wanted to kill men and kids and women in Ekiti. We will not allow that to happen. I want you all hunters to go back today to protect your people, be vigilant, open your eyes, make sure everyone entering our state is screened.
“Don’t take laws into your hands but defend our people. Protect our people check all arrivals at night coming in the guise. I am making a line available where you can recall distress calls. I trust you that you can secure our people. I want to appeal to our people from Benue to pray for your state and your governor. I also learnt that they want to come and be arresting people for no reasons. They would meet Gods hand in it. My hunters, you know Ekiti very well. Protect the state. We will be having monthly meetings.”
Opinion Poll: – Nigeria’s “largest circulating daily”
Herdsmen killings: Should Nigerians boycott beef?

Yes:     73%;           No:     20%;          Indifferent:   7%

In the same newspaper are just three essay titles that are damning in their reflections of the people’s reading of Buhari’s handling of the herdsmen crisis: “Why Buhari will not act on Fulani herdsmen killings”; Hypocrisy in tackling Fulani herdsmen terrorism” & “Buhari should caution herdsmen in his local language”.

Other opinion essays

From an online news site:   “Nigeria’s former governors and top politicians meet in Enugu, want herdsmen declared terrorists Nigeria’s former governors and top politicians meet in Enugu, want herdsmen declared terrorists”: –

It must be mentioned that Buhari, as a private citizen and former military head of state, once led the association of cattle owners to meet former Oyo State Governor, Lam Adesina. The mission: to ask for apology and payment of retribution for some herdsmen killed in Oyo North in retaliation of herdsmen rampage; it was in the early 1980s.

Majority of Nigerians now seem ready to fight back against the terrorism being unleashed by Fulani kinsmen in the name of grazing their cattle while killing, maiming farm owners and raping the wives because they are against cattle grazing at will, on their land.

I must mention that a suggestion once proffered purportedly to end the terrorism would have amounted to the “federal” government taking over land in the South and handing it to herdsmen as dedicated land; it was going to be enshrined in Nigeria’s ill-served constitution.  I really do not know what became of what would have been a travesty as I’ve gradually tried to disengage my mind from Nigeria’s political madness most of this past year. An older Sister-Friend’s call to action led to this after she had shared a circular on the killings of Christians and there was, of course, the meat-y issue.


Here are just a couple of postings that seem to show that the herdsmen rampage have become brazen under Buhari who appear to care more about his herdsmen/kinsmen than, perhaps, the survival of Nigeria:


THURSDAY, JANUARY 11, 2018. 10:21 P.M. [GMT]



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2 Comments on “Nigeria: murderous rampaging herdsmen’s impunity meet new tactics from frustrated Southerners – Tola Adenle”

  1. Teslim Opemipo Omipidan Says:

    Seriously, I don’t believe God is still in Benue. It was indeed an horrible incident. I’m still waiting for Buhari to pronounce /declare these herdsmen as terrorists, I’m still waiting.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Ope,

      Thanks for stopping by. You can wait if you want but pls do not hold your breath because Buhari isn’t going to say or do anything like that.

      You, me, & most Nigerians do know, however, that Fulani herdsmen are terrorists, i.e. people who use terror as weapons to inflict great pains on others.




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