Nigeria: 2018 Òjé-Ibadan & Òjé-Ẹdẹ Market Days – Tola Adenle

The market days for the two Oje markets at Ibadan and Ẹdẹ for 2018 are here, and as always, the delay is due to my absence from Nigeria at this time, & as always, I owe a debt of gratitude to a sister, Ṣade, who made multiple trips to the open air market before she finally could purchase a copy earlier this week.

OJE-IBADAN MARKET DAYS: February – December 2018

MARCH                                Tuesday, 13th & Thursday, 29th [i.e. Today, March 29, 2018] 

APRIL                                    Saturday, 14th & Monday, 30th

MAY                                      Wednesday, 16th  [One Mkt Day]

JUNE                                      Friday, 1st & Sunday, 17th

JULY                                       Tuesday, 3rd & Thursday, 19th

AUGUST                               Saturday, 4th & Monday, 20th

SEPTEMBER                        Wednesday, 5th & Friday, 21st

OCTOBER                             Sunday, 7th & Tuesday, 23rd

NOVEMBER                         Thursday, 8th & Saturday, 24th

DECEMBER                          Monday, 10th & Wednesday, 26th



 OJE-D MARKET DAYS: February – December 2018

APRIL                                                Friday, 6th & Sunday, 22nd

MAY                                                   Tuesday, 8th & Thursday, 24th

JUNE                                                  Saturday, 9th & Monday, 25th

JULY                                                   Wednesday, 11th & Friday, 27th

AUGUST                                             Sunday, 12th & Tuesday, 28th

SEPTEMBER                                     Thursday, 13th & Saturday, 29th

OCTOBER                                          15th & 31st

NOVEMBER                                      Friday 16th*

DECEMBER                                      Tuesday 18th   [One Mkt Day]

  • NOTE:  The second market date listed for November is listed as “Sunday, November 31st”. I’ve omitted it for obvious reason. 


SOURCE: Alhaji Imam Akéúkówó of Ìlá-Ọ̀ràngún, Ọ̀ṣún State, Nigeria

Blog & blogger not responsible for any error in dates due to printing


Related image

Map of Nigeria; the two cities of Ibadan and Ẹdẹ are in the Yoruba SW Yoruba homeland. Ede is about 5 kilometers from Osogbo. [Credit: Google Images]


Please ensure you cross-check with friends or family at home in Nigeria to find out if a market day would hold because if it clashes with Moslem festivities, it won’t. Most of the weaving is done around Oyo North and areas that have large Moslem populations. Anyway, the celebrations of the Eids can easily be checked by those of us who are non-Moslems on the web these days.

And remember, most sellers know exactly how many pieces are needed for various wearing apparel: male/female.

Happy Shopping, TOLA.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018. 3:05 P.M. [GMT]

Updated: Thursday, March 29, 2018.










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