Nigeria: Of “cow’s right of way”, “Ọ̀sà ò ṣe gbé lọ s’Abuja”, Caliphate’s unintended banner carrier & other musings A. Tao

February 7, 2018


Èkó l’o l’eti Ọ̀sà Àwa l’Ọlọrun fun (2ice)//Ọ̀sà ò ṣe gbé l s’Abuja, o//Àwa l’Ọlọrun fun! … The worst case scenario and alternative to this is the dipping of the Al Quoran in the Atlantic, especially the YORUBA ATLANTIC.


I await the deus ex machina as my preferred solution for reopening the field for an effective and efficient solution to the Lugardist formulae and framework for launching Africa and Africans into active membership of Euro modernity.

The raging cow story remains and needs to be recognized , understood and treated as a regional question and regional solutions found. Will the cow kill the Fulani or the Pheul kill the Lugardist polity is as I see it

The Question
For nearly two centuries bands of the cow FULANI escaping the limitations of the Futa Jallon Hills, mistaken often as Nigerian, have undertaken  a three-year breeding cycle (human and animal) from the Cameroon Mountains to Senegal. In that cycle heads of cattle and traveling families under the grace of the gods, are expected to increase and multiply. They have in recent decades become hidden carriers of investment for the likes of Obasanjo,  Buhari and other modern day hunter gatherers.

In this swirl, the better armed, largely as defense of value,  and more violence prone Cow Fula has always had his way with the settled agriculturist communities  This repeats itself in East Africa under different cultural settings in spite of the existence of modern ranches. There, the dispossessed pastoralists,  now rustlers, continue to be thorns in the flesh of “British” ranchers. That much for and should advise ranching as solution!

Historically, the Fula did not manage to own or hold on, by accident or design, to much land in the sense of the Yoruba and what is SW Nigeria. If they didn’t latch on to Hausa and other lands north of the Niger/ Benue confluence, THEY WILL BE LANDLESS PROBABLY STATELESS PEOPLE.
Our realities are two:
*    The creations and creatures of European Imperialism and British colonialism.
*    Lugardist experiments in sub Saharan Africa and where the multi-national states of that region are heading.

Against the backdrop of these realities, the experiment in Nigeria with the continuously-evolving hegemonic Fula Sokoto Caliphate and its guaranteed dominance in the Nigerian polity and politics remain the problem if not the solution.

On the one hand, the Caliphate’s unintended banner carrier, Buhari, a lone wolf, is more like the  principal victim, chased by all parties especially for Capture by the Caliphate for its own  hegemonic purposes.

On the other, Buhari’s arrangement with Tinubu , which if you remember, I described as the NORTHWEST AIRLINES, was bound to flounder like its domestic precursor, the Nigerian Airways or for that matter, all other Nigerian-owned and managed airlines.

The fronts and two major protagonists are the COW AND THE FULANI. Both have burrowed into the Nigerian political landscape threatening to become the carcinogen that will kill the Lugardist state and experiment, or PRODUCE THE SOLUTION which can make Nigeria, in its present state, the example for all sub Saharan African.

The worst case scenario and alternative to this is the dipping of the Al Quoran in the Atlantic, especially the YORUBA ATLANTIC.

I do not know the composer of the Lagos State “national”anthem launched, I believe, during the Obasanjo/Tinubu tug of war. Whenever I hear –

Èkó l’o l’eti Ọ̀sà Àwa l’Ọlọrun fun (2ice)//Ọ̀sà ò ṣe gbé l s’Abuja, o//Àwa l’Ọlọrun fun!

 [Lagos, belongs to Yoruba to whom God has gifted it. The Lagos lagoon that leads to the Atlantic on which sits Nigeria’s main port – Nigeria’s port authority is at Abuja, a dry area – cannot be moved to Abuja because God has gifted it to the Yoruba!]
The sweet lyrics and good music from a brilliant political warrior assures of Yoruba resistance to hegemony of any kind in Nigeria, and its guaranteed doom!
Therefore, rather than let the cow kill the Fulani or the Fulani, the unarmed settled gourmet, best to kick the problem into the ECOWAS’  regional political space and secure the expertise and funding available to multilateralism (UNO/EU/ASEAN) as the best platform for saving both bovine and Fula.




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