NIGERIA: Buhari’s supposed tough stance against corruption has notched zero major victory – saharareporters’ Sowore declares for presidency

March 11, 2018


It’s still very early going in the circus that would be Nigeria’s 2019 general elections despite Buhari and the APC’s seeming invicibility, and in spite of President Buhari throwing everything imaginable at the improbable and undeserved run for a second term. He may not win; he does not deserve a victory for a second term.

Omoyele Sowore, social activist from his university days and publisher of the award-winning site,, does not stand much chance in winning the presidency as he recently announced.

This is because of the entrenched corruption that has come to dictate elections in Nigeria despite it being central to Nigerians massively voting for the present president in 2015. While Buhari has not been labelled corrupt, he is reportedly surrounded by a close-knit group among whom are people that have been labelled as corrupt and about which Buhari has failed to act as promised at his inauguration that none would be spared.

The president has also failed on the security front to solve the Moslem Boko Haram terrorism while seemingly overlooking the Fulani herdsmen terrorism; between his leadership of Nigeria under the military and becoming civilian president, he was a leader of the cattle owners association. His actions and words from leading the cattlemen’s association is believed to be responsible for the government’s unwillingness OR inability to act decisively against the herdmen terrorists who kill, rape and destroy with abandon.

The president has not proved he’s in good enough health to spare the country another round of multi-million dollar multiple trips overseas for extended “rests” as happened during the first two years of his first term. By the time he would be sworn in come May 2019, Buhari would be a mere couple of years shy of 80 years old.

President Buhari failed to fulfill his promises to fight corruption – we believed him; he has failed to unite the country but has sown perhaps as much division and distrust as during his military headship of the country; he has not only failed to rein in the Fulani terrorist herdsmen but whose audacity in perpetrating wanton destruction has grown under his leadership of the country.

Nigerians must heed the call for “no turn-by-turn” leadership in 2019 and, hopefully, others will throw their hats in the presidential ring. Hopefully, too, Yorubas would not follow-follow or swallow baits of flattery-couched words of deceit.

READ SOWORE’S INTERVIEW. They offer the first shots fired in the 2019 elections, an event that I do not believe is needed now because it’s going to bring more of the same: another class of mostly hide-bound deep-in-the-stench politicians whose sole interest would be treasury looting.

But my thoughts like those of THE MAJORITY OF NIGERIANS count for nothing. The elections will hold and we – MW, SW, SE, SS, Middle Belt, NE and others – can show that we reject being just jetsams and flotsams in Nigeria’s affairs.

SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2018. 5:37 P.M. [GMT]




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