2019 Elections: Buhari goes all out for Yoruba votes: heaps honors galore on Fawehinmi & late Abiola, winner of Nigeria’s freest election – Tola Adenle

June 7, 2018



M.K.O. Abiola, GCFR, winner of Nigeria’s freest and fair elections, June 12, 1993. Died in detention after drinking a cup of “tea” at Abuja in 1998; present at his death were [then] UN Secretary-General Kofi Anan, a U.S. diplomatic staff from the States Department … [Google Images]


None can or should criticize President Buhari’s decision on the well-deserved honors to two illustrious Yorubas. First, human rights fighter, Lawyer Gani Fawehinmi who, like Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, showed unprecedented and unequalled determination to fight the cause of the common man and Nigeria. He was in and out of courts taking on the government or representing those unable to defend themselves. Gani, as he was fondly known, was bestowed with the second highest non-academic honor of Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger (GCON), an honor which the political party under which Gani ran for the presidency has declared “rejected”; it claims Gani, not without basis, would have rejected.

And then, there was Moshood Kaṣimawo Ọlawale Abiola – MKO to his millions of fans across the country – who won the 1993 widely-adjudged freest Nigerian elections. In fact, as muddied as the political scene has become, Buhari should be praised for attempting to right a humongous wrong that was done the late Moshood Abiola – and the Yorubas – who won the country’s presidential election with votes from every corner of Nigeria and across religious divides. Abiola’s overwhelming victory saw Nigerians united not by government’s sloganeering but through Nigerians’ determination to throw away the old political template – voters chose the Abiola-Kingibe,Moslem presidential candidate & a Moslem vice-presidential candidate.

Regardless of the opportunity that such presented, retired General Babangida, military president and self-styled “evil genius” annulled the election. His attempt to remain in power after countless election postponement finally failed, and his hand-picked successor lasted three months after which the military chair dance of Nigeria’s rulers became Abacha’s, perhaps the most ruthless AND corrupt ruler the country ever had.

Retired General Obasanjo (rGO) became Nigeria’s ruler a second time, but in 1979 after succeeding General Abdulsalam, he became a civilian president. He would declare May 29, a day of infamy in Nigeria’s military governance, Democracy Day, a declaration criticized by many, including late Bola Ige, governor of one of Yoruba states.

rGO has had two Yoruba icons whom he always seem to be envious of because of their adulation by most in Yorubaland and Diaspora. The first  – Obafemi Awolowo (“Awo” to the masses) – left a legacy of selfless and visionary achievements that stand Yorubaland out as THE pacemaker/bellwether among the country’s different nationalities. Both Awo and MKO were [sort of] always in high sight and there have always been reports in the media that rGO was determined Awo would never rule Nigeria.

When rGO became president, he had the chance not only to declare June 12 as THE country’s real Democracy Day but gave MKO the honors that Buhari has just bestowed on him. No, not vindictive rGO.

Now, with the political game quite muddied up against April 2019, Buhari seemed to have pulled a big rabbit out of the Islamic North’s – read Northwestern – hat: take Yorubas’ SW out of play and into whatever corner Buhari goes for the elections.

Well, like millions, I say a big thank you for the great honor for MKO. To us in Yorubaland, he already earned immortality just like the Great Awo but now with the GCFR and the national holiday for the day MKO made possible when Nigerians of different faiths, “different tongues”, et cetera, united to vote for a ticket (president and vice-president Moslem) as Nigeria’s best home for the 1993 elections.

Reasons that skeptics like this blogger have ascribed to Buhari for something that quite a few heads of state before him could have won great acclamation for, are very much in order. The president’s unpopularity are not baseless: failure to fulfill many of the promises he made on the campaign trail principal among which are restructuring, fight corruption, including naming names without fear or favor, be a president for all, security … Buhari apparently forgot his promises.

ALL heads of security agencies are mostly from his Northwest homeland and Moslems, most political appointees to high offices at “federal” level are Moslems and from the North, et cetera. In fact, most comments in important news websites have said “thanks … but no thanks … forget re-election.”


Below is the headline at after the announcement by the president and a few of the comments, unedited

‘Nice Move But We’ll Still Vote You Out In 2019’ — How Nigerians Reacted To Buhari’s ‘June 12 Declaration’

“Even if he’s bribing us, he’s just done it legitimately. This one better pass distributing dollars in SW palaces.” — Nigeria

“So how does this actually help the country?” — Lois Uloko

“Desperate ways to assuage the west and trying to curry the favor of pro Gani activist, but it’s won’t work Baba Nigerians are tired go home VOTE#Dankwambo2019.” — Titilayo Adebayo

“If you like try and use this to bribe us, when it is time we will vote you out.” — Nwani Ebube

“General Buhari, you are truly God sent. No amount of hatred can’t stop your destiny to rule over Nigeria until 2023.” — Black Dove

“Nice initiative from the president, but that won’t stop us from voting you out come 2019, so you can celebrate it in Daura with your lovely wife and family Insha Allah.” — Faruk Sadiq

“Finish all your propaganda but we will use our PVC and vote you out …yes.” — Halima Muhammed

“If you like declare the whole month of June as public holiday, it would not stop me from voting you out of the presidency come 2019 so stop your game.” — Alheri

“Buhari it’s too late. Stop attempting to play on our intelligence and emotions. As election season nears, it’s now you remember to give Abiola a deserved reward on paper. It won’t buy you a southwest vote, ok.” — KennBest

“Good political move to appease the SW as the election draws closer…will they take the bait? we shall see, abeg make I go refill my popcorn, it’s getting too scarce now since the showdown between Nass and the executive branch lol.” — Tony Z

“Buhari too late whatever you will do you are not coming back.” — Hadiza Yusuf

“Doesn’t make him any better… he truncated a democratically elected government. Coup plotter.” — Felix Tantari

“Election gimmicks to woo the Yoruba. I think PMB has realised that he has crossed the red line, and he is likely to lose next election.” — @LadokeD

“The old man is hungry for power, hope we will not wake up and hear Buhari declaring Dec 25th another democracy day.” — @EngrBarth_Sam

“This is will not translate to winning the heart of SW.” — @nzerichltd

“Maradonic moves on my mind….” — @ringleader0306


THURSDAY, JUNE 7, 2018. 5:52 P.M.

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4 Comments on “2019 Elections: Buhari goes all out for Yoruba votes: heaps honors galore on Fawehinmi & late Abiola, winner of Nigeria’s freest election – Tola Adenle”

  1. mary olugbemigun Says:

    Awe thank God that the truth prevails at last even though it took years to come through! This shows there is still hope for Nigeria.I Love the comments in Sahara Reports, it shows the common man is aware of what’s happening in the country, and are waiting for the skimmers and scammers!
    Awe how was ur day? It’s well with you …  Love you, R Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android



    • emotan77 Says:


      Thanks for this.

      Nwon ro ‘pe ODE ni wa! A Vanguard opinion writer even slapped the label of “morons” on us! I guess it’s to wake the contract chasers and their fellow travellers.




  2. Olumuyiwa Adedapo Says:

    ..a Greek bearing gift.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Adedapo, Thanks v much. While the central govt’s honor to MKO is long due and therefore awaited, that “gift” smells of intentions that Yoruba would overlook as dangerous as the Trojan horse of Greek mythology that was filled with men who would later bring down the city of Troy.

      The ground for this honor for a great son and hero of Yoruba Nationality in Nigeria was being laid as long ago as the time Buhari issued words that are very true of Yorubas publicly: “accomodating …”

      … Deceive me TWICE, I’m a fool. Buhari did it in 2015 but hardly got inaugurated than he not only acted as if Tinubu AND Yorubaland were not the architect of his victory but wiped the floor with all Yoruba.

      Now that most of Nigerians can see his through his pretences of 2015, he and his people have devised new tricks.

      Won’t work despite the seeming paddy-paddy of Buhari and Yoruba leadership.

      Unless massive rigging is planned, APC party leaders, incl governors CANNOT deliver what they no longer have: support of their kinsmen to deliver the SW.

      Such a long response to those two words that represent EVIL in any language, anywhere in the world.




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