The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Tola Adenle

June 13, 2018


The problem brought about by modern media biggies in the misuse of millions of subscribing individuals’ names has led to an awareness of the need to safeguard subscribers’ privacy from misuse.

While this blogger is aware of only protectionist mechanism already in the EU, this blog does not have the resources to monitor government requirements in various places. On any given day, is visited by viewers not only from Nigeria where the law may not be in effect but from countries like the United States, Britain AND Turkey which often register more readers than Nigeria. South Africa, the EU, Canada, Australia, S. American countries such as Argentina, Singapore, Russia, Qarta, Tanzania,Hong Kong SAR China, India, the Caribbean … are among the over a hundred countries that the blog attracts. A two-part series on Singapore over 5 years ago, for example, continue to attract readers, thanks to search engines like Google, et cetera.

I am therefore sending this in view of the new legislation (already in force in the UK) aimed at giving more control over data collected from individuals to all on my e-list to let you know that you will stop receiving posts from the blog with immediate effect as I will not be able to do so personally.

I’ve never used email addresses from my blog’s e-list beyond the purpose of sending published essays out but I have no control over the stress-free source of transmitting the posts as I’ve done these last several years.

I started this process by sending a modification of this note to  a couple or so of dozen people that were “invited” as long ago as 2011 when this blog started but when I clicked on the “followers” column – a section I had never checked beyond seeing the notification that xxxx was following the blog – I usually checked out the blog/bloggers  and reciprocated most but never checked the number – I found it would be easier to allow to distribute this as they have been doing.

Unfortunately, I had already lost a few of the “followers” before my brain finally woke up to a more information-age easy way of handling what was a “problem”; it’s an age thing, pardon! I will ensure I write responses when those few blogs sent essays my way after today.

Please know that while I thank you all for honoring my “invites” and for the “follows”, and many thanks for all who have been with me since 2011, I’d like you to know that your continued visits and/or comments here will always be welcome and appreciated. This is a blog that has always been an intellectual and enjoyment outlets personally for me, and in my elighth decade of life, having to take on government regulations here and there will be taking on a bit too much.

This is not a goodbye but hei, it’s requesting that you visit when you need to read the same type and style of writing that have kept you reading the posts through wp. BTW, the blog often attracts more visitors through search engines than from the e-list.

Sincere regards & greetings,


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 2018. 4:50 P.M. [GMT]



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