Fulani herdsmen’s terrorism: APC’s governorship Candidate Fayemi, where in Ekiti are “grazing communities”? – Tola Adenle

July 4, 2018



“On the issue of Fulani herdsmen taking over Ekiti Land. During my first term security checks were put in place in the grazing communities. From 2010 to 2014, there were no clashes in Ekiti State. There was harmony in the communities.” – 


Dr. Kayode Fayemi – saharareporters.com – APC candidate for governorship race in Ekiti on July 14, 2018, in a not-veiled aside to Ekiti’s present, Governor Ayodele Fayoṣe whose government – not the only government in Nigeria, passed an Anti-Open Grazing Bill. The Bill is opposed to cows openly grazing in many parts of Nigeria on land that does not belong to the cattle owners.

Generally, the cattle belongs to many people, including President Buhari who declared in his Assets Declaration Form at the start of his presidency as required by the Constitution, that he owns a little over 250 heads of cattle; the president supposedly serves as the Grand Patron of Miyetti Cattle Owners Association.

Above fact leads to Nigerians in the Central part of the country and the entire Southto believe that Buhari has maintained a loud silence because the president (also a Fulani in a country that has not developed into nationhood and ethnocentric cleavages reign supreme) is on the side of the Fulani herdsmen who kill, maim as well as allow the cows they graze to cause massive havoc to farmers’ plants who must not complain otherwise they risk being maimed or killed. If/when security agencies step in, the land owners usually get the short end of the stick, e.g. farmers in certain communities in Central Nigeria have been reported losing their farming implements to government agents who seize them on the pretext of “disarming” the farmers.

There lies the root of most of Nigeria’s current security problems; of course there’s also kidnapping-for-money business and Buhari has been unable or unwilling to tackle these issues, a situation that has made Soyinka ask the president to request for assistance if he cannot solve the country’s insecurity situation.

The problem of Fulani herdsmen’s terrorism which has led to loss of thousands of lives since Buhari took the reins of government, could bring Nigeria to its knees unless the president does away with sending proxies to throw gasoline into the already near-inferno of ethnic and religious divides plaguing the country.



While the need hardly arises, I still must state here for the benefit of those who may not be familiar with me and/or my writings my belief that the so-called Peoples “Democratic” Party is a cancer on Nigeria and her citizens by a cabal I named Nigeria, Inc in my writings since the beginning of retired General Obasanjo’s (rgo) second presidential term in 2003/2004.

Although posts beginning with the very first day of this blog claimed Buhari’s third attempt at the presidency was THE catalyst for its birth but I’ve long become disillusioned at the way things have turned out under the former army General’s presidency. Most of his promises on the campaign trail have not been fulfilled, especially restructuring, a matter that most Nigerians would rather we settle BEFORE the 2019 elections but which the president and the ruling APC promptly jettisoned once power became theirs; security in the country arising from the Fulani herdsmen’s terrorism against non-Northwestern and Southern farmers as well as killing of Christians and burning of churches have not been handled with care and compassion; nepotism & sectionalism that show all security agencies and many op positions are in the hands of his relations and Northern Muslims, et cetera have been the order rather than a headship that is equitable and just in administering according to the call for Federal Character in appointments and promotion across the board.

Now that I’ve gotten partisanship-as-motivation for this essay out of the way, that I’m not PDP nor ever held any sympathy for a party I first referred to as “Nigeria, Inc., as in Murder, Inc.” in my newspaper columns at The Comet on Sunday (Later, The Nation on Sunday) at the beginning of retired General Obasanjo’s second term), I should be more understood. And by the way, I’m no longer APC, either, because if the party would now claim that restructuring is not a priority, there exists no reason why I should continue to follow such a party that seems to have thrown ideology and principles out of the window.

It is needless to add that other reasons, some of which are stated above, make me reassess my political stand. Of course if a candidate runs for election and he/she happens to be personally known as a person of high integrity, he/she would earn my vote whatever the party he/she represents may be although – pardon me – such would be hard to come by in the PDP.

“Buhari’s quest for Nigeria’s presidency forces the birth of a long-gestated blog” was one of the essays during the first few days of this blog in March 2011 and was reblogged in December 2014 as Buhari embarked on another ritual of running for Nigeria’s highest office.


A glance through the blog’s contents would confirm this blogger’s total belief and commitment to Buhari long before he found success by aligning with the SW’s most-popular party, the Action Congress, without which he would never have won the presidency.  Hardly was he sworn in than he used the party’s leader, Tinubu – without whom the SW would not have accepted him because of what most Southern Nigerians have always considered his Islamic extremism – and the entire Yoruba people to wipe Nigeria’s political floor. Thereafter, it was time to woo others in new alliances.

[Remember the Saraki matter when a guy who joined from the PDP with a wave of other defections from became the Senate President purportedly “without the knowledge/support of the new president!]

What Nigerians see, and are made to believe right now that Tinubu, the guy whose massive support in Yorubaland finally made the retired General Nigeria’s president who before becoming an OUT – [sort of] persona non grata – is [supposedly], is back IN!

Roll up your sleeves, Asiwaju, for the onerous work that is to make Nigeria great; don’t listen to frustrated naysayers.

As you-know-who would say: fake news! 

The [Poli]tricks of Fulani Herdsmen Terrorism

The second word is sort of correct, at least in Nigeria, and I believe with that assurance, readers can discern the meaning.


I can now ask Dr. Fayemi the few questions that made me write this essay from an area of his campaign manifesto – pardon a preposterous idea in/for Nigeria – that seems to be paramount to him: acquiescing to President Buhari’s new-found “farmer-herder” (where in the world does that come from?) philosophy.

Dr. Fayemi, an Ekiti State’s former governor who recently resigned his position as one of Buhari’s cabinet members to, ‘scuse me, better serve his people, will contest the state’s governorship election next week. To enlighten hardy Ekitis with access to the web, he tweeted the message above to the state’s hapless and helpless people – AND the hegemonic and internal colonialists, that unlike Fayose whose Anti-Grazing Bill runs against the interest of Buhari and Miyetti Allah Cattlemen’s Association that he, Fayemi is on board.

• Dr. Fayemi, where in Ekitiland are the “grazing communities” referred to in your tweet?
• What kind of “security checks” did you put in place that supposedly prevented the herdsmen from their usual killing, maiming and ruining farmers’ crops?
• Why are Fulani herdsmen-terrorist still making Chief Olu Falae’s life hellish at Ilu-Abo near Akure in Ondo State after the initial mayhem they created years back?

I ask this because the Ondo State’s governor also belongs to the APC and I do not know what you knew and did about managing the terrorists that he’s not doing. Right now at Akure, I have a relation who has given up the small farming in a fadama near her residence right within the city as the Fulani herdsmen walk their cows there to feed and stomp on her plants. I’m informed it’s the same problem around the area and nobody can challenge the herdsmen who always show their wrath when challenged; They have been aptly labeled “terrorists” by Soyinka and “Jihadists” by governor of a Central Nigerian state.

The line being pushed by Buhari through the statement issued by “the presidency” through Femi Adesina, his Akede, to borrow Late Akintola’s (SLA) word for that line of work that was always thrown down to Southerners during the Sardauna/Balewa ear, IS a threat.

Those against the [Buhari’s] administration’s ranching and colony programmes for herdsmen must rethink …they are better off living with the ranches and colonies than dying through the persisting conflicts … Better alive than a dead land owner —Adesina Asked about the ancestral attachment by the people of those states to their lands, he said: “Ancestral attachment? You can only have ancestral attachment when you are alive. If you are talking about ancestral attachment, if you are dead, how does the attachment matter?

Are you, Dr. Fayemi, an Ekiti son, going to be used by internal colonialists for what-end-I-know-not to align yourself with this kind of threat against your own people?

As you know, my family, like many, have deep roots in both Ekiti and Ondo States, but even if I do not, I consider the whole of Yorubaland my ancestral home, and I’m therefore aware of Ekitis being told and warned that your victory is a done-deal!

Nothing is worth the new path being taken by those who claim to represent Yorubaland. Promises are made to be broken, especially by a people who have shown, time and time again, that their words are not more than hot air, as the saying goes – pardon me.

Yoruba Ronú!

WEDNESDAY, JULY 4, 2018. 9:59 P.M. [GMT]





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2 Comments on “Fulani herdsmen’s terrorism: APC’s governorship Candidate Fayemi, where in Ekiti are “grazing communities”? – Tola Adenle”

  1. emotan77 Says:


    Thanks so much Ma.

    I agree absolutely with you on these issues. By Femi Adesina’s declaration, the killer-herdsmen terrorism enjoys official FGN backing.

    Nigeria is in deep problem. It is either some people accept enslavement or Civil war is imminent. APC has become a risk to Nigeria. Unfortunately, the emerging parties have not seen the need to enter into alliances to oust the APC at the National level. We should make no mistake about it – pmb [Buhari] & Co. do not represent the interests of the Northern masses. They only use the North as cover up for their class rule. The rich in each of the geopolitical Zones who are benefitting efrom APC rule are deaf and blind to a process that may plunge this country into an avoidable crises.

    Thank you Ma for the inspiration you constitute – standing by principles.




    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks, Dear Femi for the feedback and for the generous words.

      Yes, it’s become clear for a while that most Northern “leaders” serve none but themselves, and it seems the cancer has started spreading southwards.

      It is in the hands of the masses – not any rapacious union – to stand up for themselves. We await the Ekiti polls whose results Ekitis talk about as foregone conclusion as the people have sort of resigned themselves to another post-Madam Ayoka poll supervision of Obasanjo rigging infamy.

      The sad situation does not mean many are pro-Fayose although it seems his PDP candidate would supposedly win if Ekitis are left to actually decide; sad because the people are not really in favor of either party, i.e. the status quo is NOT what Ekitis – and Nigerians in general – want.

      This is where the cries that have been waged by opinion writers, including many among whom are yourself and this blogger since Buhari’s presidency started about RESTRUCTURING as promised during the campaign – come in.

      Both essays of today which deal with YORUBA MOUTHPIECES for evil that is spreading over Nigeria will get your comments.

      Thanks, as always,



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