As Ekitis go to the polls: it’s “no” to advocate of “open grazing” – Tola Adenle

July 14, 2018


As Ekitis go to the polls today to elect a new governor, massive turn-out is very important: from Ekiti-West’s utmost corner to the East, North and South.

You must vote the future of coming generations which calls for voting against internal colonialists.

May God and the spirits of our ancestors ensure that only the candidate who will not sell Ekitis to those who have long sought the “deeping of the Koran in the Atlantic” by shedding blood of our people ensure that the fear of God enter the heart of those ready to shed blood.

As Ekiti goes, so will other Nigerian states. No need to vote through any party but for freedom from internal colonizers, votes must be cast for candidates not tied to a party that believes in giving land for cattle rearing, a private business because –





Nigeria is not a Fulani Republic … God will bring the manipulators and those who want to implement such agenda” that has led to the many killings of Christians in Nigeria down because Nigerians did not sign a deal to live together as a Fulani Republic … Bishop David Oyedepo


Anybody familiar with the North could, if he/she looks or asks, know the origin of the clashes that abound in Central Nigeria communities like Southern Kaduna South today. [As mentioned in an essay last week, we had an office at Zonkwa in Southern Kaduna in the 1980s; during the same period, we also had another office at Wukari in old Gongola State. Both areas are mostly Christian]. As we all know, these are some of the epicenters of herdsmen’s terror theatres in the country. The fight for land in these places – the real cause of whatever problems of killing Christians and church burnings – may seem modern but the root cause lies in the distant past when roaming herdsmen arrived these distant-from-their-NW homelands and got small pieces of land to sell their cows.

A couple of years ago, the Deji of Akure in Ondo State gave the Ibos and their Ndigbo who had started to install chiefs:  “XXXX of Akureland” … a warning that the Ndigbo of Akure is okay but he COULD NOT & MUST NOT install any chiefs! What can possibly lead to future problems at co-existence was nipped in the bud.

On a very serious matter Dr. Fayemi, it would be a tragic situation if an Ekiti man would give his people’s land away – to prevent their losing their lives as the presidency has threatened – because, remember, “a grazing community” today, an emirate tomorrow as happened in many places in Central Nigeria. [SeePerspective below]


SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2018.  11:10 A.M.


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2 Comments on “As Ekitis go to the polls: it’s “no” to advocate of “open grazing” – Tola Adenle”

  1. emotan77 Says:


    Femi Aborisade
    7:07 AM (4 hours ago)
    to me

    I hope the masses would stand up to defend their interrsts if your predictions come to pass. The average politician is preoccupied with money, position/power and influence that freedom of their people is secondary to them.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Femi,

      Thanks for the feedback.
      As noted in the earlier essay, it was reportedly a done-deal even before the election. My reading of the situation of the state in addition to the opinions going round AND the result of the NOI Polls that had the PDP candidate at over 55% vs Fayemi’s 30-something while two other party
      candidates were scored under 15% altogether made me feel it just might happen that voters’ wishes would be respected.

      None of us is unaware of the antecedent of NIGERIA, INC’s PDP but APC has been such a huge disappointment that I took the feedbacks I had as
      people’s general frustration with the party, especially Buhari that they would look at individuals rather than the party. I do not even know the PDP
      candidate and never heard of him till now.

      Anyway, if this beginning sees Buhari getting re-elected, we in Yorubaland, are in huge trouble.




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