NIGERIA: [Finance Minister] Adeọṣun’s “certificate forgery” defense by Itse Sagay shows, sadly, Sagay’s descent into Nigeria’s political hypocrisy abyss – Tola Adenle

August 12, 2018


I wrote on why Saraki becoming the senate’s president would definitely not be part of the way forward for a changed Nigeria recently but now that the deed has been done, the maniacal way in which APC’s leaders kept on ferreting membership from among all sorts of bedfellows who were much worse than themselves is quickly bringing the chickens home to roost earlier than expected. What next? A Saraki NIGERIA’s presidency …” –


Late [Medical] Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki, (father of Bukola Saraki, current Senate President) NPN-era Senate President, Chairman, failed Societe-General Bank owned by his family  but not before he and his family reportedly withdrew all the money elsewhere.
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There was a time in Nigeria when – after names like Wole Soyinka, Gani Fawehinmi – on fighting abuses of power and human rights, Itse Sagay’s name used to be mentioned in the next level of committed Nigerians with the Falanas, the Olorodes …

I did not keep up with him because of long absences from the country but I was very much around during the brouhaha he raised some years ago when Sagay called out the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), condemning the representative body of all Nigerian Christian churches for their making public what it says was a Constitution skewed against Christians while favoring Moslems.

Sagay condemned the stand of CAN’s delegation at the National Conference against what the association saw as an imbalance in the 1999 Constitution.

In a country of plural nationalities, religions, cultures … run as a “federation”, Sagay, a Nigerian university law professor and an acclaimed Constitutional lawyer should not have been surprised that Christians in Nigeria would cry foul on discovering the following occurrences in Nigeria’s supposed secular Constitution:

“As reported by the CAN delegates at the National Conference, the following imbalances are observed in the 1999 Constitution:
Sharia 73 times
Grand Kadi 54 times
Islam 28 times
Muslim 10 times

The CAN delegates also pointed out that Section 10 of the 1999 Constitution prohibits government from adopting any religion as state religion, while the same Constitution violates itself by making provision for the establishment and funding of Islamic/Sharia legal system without a corresponding provision for Ecclesiastical Court in accordance with the Holy Bible.

Meanwhile, there is no single mention of Christ, Christian, Christianity, and church in the same Constitution.”

Sagay, Chairman of the Buhari Administration’s head of presidential panel on anti-corruption is now facing another round of furor over Buhari’s Minister of Finance, Ms. Kemi Adeosun’s alleged forgery of a certificate showing she did serve the mandatory 1-year National Service. Meanwhile, Sagay is still being called out on social media over his remarks that the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, should resign on “moral ground” as he has crossed from the ruling APC to the PDP.
Sagay may be in the right as far as calling on Saraki to resign because crossing from one party to another in Nigeria is all about corruption but Nigerians’ whataboutism rejection of Sagay’s moralizing arises out of the ruling APC’s deliberate luring of PDP members when the APC & Buhari’s old party first merged. All the critics now crying out about the betrayal, et cetera of the Sarakis of yesterday’s APC did not see anything wrong in the near-wholesale decamping of PDPers to swell the ranks of APC four years ago.


BTW, here’s an excerpt from my penny’s worth – which I’m always ready to offer not as a hindsight but as a warning – as one of my contributions during the mass exodus of the Sarakis, the Oyinlolas … to APC five years ago. In Next for Saraki? Nigeria’s Presidency. The old fox must be laughing from the Great Beyond, I wrote:

“This brief excerpt below –

– contains an unmistakable opinion of Bukola Saraki that I have, and have touched upon in several essays in The Comet on Sunday, The Nation on Sunday and here for over twelve years. The excerpt is actually from an earlier essay from 2010 in The Nation on Sunday – The “Nigerian Governors’ Forum” – NGF – an unconstitutional none-entity:

These power grabbers, atop which sits, comfortably laughing at the rest of Nigeria citizenry, is Bukola Saraki, who has, by sheer will power and the backing of perhaps Nigeria’s first political godfather – his father – continued to muscle his way up the ladder of a “crime syndicate” to quote a letter writer, “masquerading as a nation”. The ambitious Bukola Saraki – who, if not by law but by ethics, would never hold any public office for life in a normal country because of what his family-held bank did to bank depositors – provides him with another foot up this power-grabbing arm of a contraption I labeled Nigeria, Inc. back in 2003 during the imperial presidency of retired General Obasanjo …

I wrote on why Saraki becoming the senate’s president would definitely not be part of the way forward for a changed Nigeria recently but now that the deed has been done, the maniacal way in which APC’s leaders kept on ferreting membership from among all sorts of bedfellows who were much worse than themselves is quickly bringing the chickens home to roost earlier than expected. What next? A Saraki NIGERIA’s presidency …” 

Now, Sagay, who talks about morality as regards political opportunists who have returned to their natural habitat from whence they crossed to the APC some years ago, does not seem to see the apparent hypocrisy of his posturing with regard to Kemi Adeosun who has purportedly committed what would amount to nothing less than a serious crime under Nigeria’s Penal Code.

Here’s part of Sagay’s unbelievable sermonizing about Saraki from PREMIUMTIMES:

“… This woman is a brilliant and extremely valuable member of this government … A lot of the good things happening now – the welfare that Nigerians are enjoying and are going to enjoy … the way our economy is booming, how we got out of recession – are due to her expertise, her commitment, her sacrifice … The PDP can weep from now until there is no tear in their body; she is going to be there. We cannot afford to lose that woman … If I were President Buhari, I would never, ever touch that woman because she’s damn[ed] good …The enemies of this government want to reduce his capacity to provide good governance … It will not work.”

Haba Professor! No be corruption dem say make una fight? Ṣebi certificate forgery na corruption, tabi?

And still, BTW, the following is excerpted from my opinion on “the brilliant … woman”, Kemi Adeosun as comments on her presentation to the National Assembly when Buhari tried to wangle “emergency power” from the NASS back in 2016 “to fight the recession.” There are multiple comments by me on this blog during that period, including one that questioned the pedestrian take of one of Buhari’s top economic team on when the recession would be magically over.

In “With broken promises, “special emergency powers” by National Assembly to Buhari to fix economy would be dangerous!”, I wrote:

“APPEAL TO NIGERIA’S NATIONAL ASSEMBLY: “Some emergency powers” to fix the economy could become unilateral powers. Most of his promises on the campaign trail have not been kept. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE BUHARI EMERGENCY POWERS.

Despite misgivings about the carrying-on at the National Assembly by most Nigerians, including me, I tend to agree with words coming out of the National Assembly, on its declaration that there are people on the president’s team that should be let go. Personally, I follow the actions of just a very few among whom I believe two ministers seem out of their depths, pardon me. I find no other appropriate words.

Kemi Adeosun. I cannot defend someone simply because she’s female. I remember that when the former president announced the names of Dr. Iweala and jet-setting Ms. Madueke in 2011, I went on record on this blog as giving reasons why the two women should not be allowed back …

… her points on why the president needs “some emergency powers” to fix the economy may not even be understood by the Finance Minister:
1. “unusual times need unusual measures”;
2. “analysts say the country can ill-afford the luxury of time in search solutions to bring the economy out of the woods”;
3. “President Buhari was in a hurry to get the economy out of the recession as soon as possible”;
4. “It is a tough time. But, there is hope for Nigerians, government is doing everything to ensure the country comes out in a sustainable way, so we never get back here again by addressing the infrastructure challenges,
5. “The government has a very credible plan. It’s going to result in an economy not dependent on oil, and not subject to the boom and burst of oil price. When oil price is high, we are happy, and when low we are sad.”


NSUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2019.  4:28 P.M. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “NIGERIA: [Finance Minister] Adeọṣun’s “certificate forgery” defense by Itse Sagay shows, sadly, Sagay’s descent into Nigeria’s political hypocrisy abyss – Tola Adenle”


    The emergence of Senator Saraki is a testimony of controversy surrounding our political environment as packaged by the designers. They planned it this way! But every law abiding citizen, particularly those who teach and practice LAW like Prof. Itse Sagay, ought to, for the sake of our national prestige, be on the side of the law always. Till date, Senator Saraki has not broken any known law of the land. But, evidence has shown beyond any doubt, that the finance minister, Mrs Kemi Adeosun broke the law. She committed a criminal offence. She has been working with fake document? A forged one! Why Prof. Sagay will degenerate to this low is very disturbing.
    His antics should worry any Nigerian. Last week, Boko Haram was on record for ambushing and killing more than 20 Nigeria soldiers again. Sagay uttered no comment. Did he not know? Are the sacrifices of those soldiers less important than the so called usefulness of Mrs K. Adeosun? It’s evident that confusion has entered and settled within the ranks of team running the affairs of Nigeria. The signs are obvious!



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Yemi,

      Thanks very much for this contribution that touches the important point on this subject: Sagay’s throwing his legal credentials behind the wrong matter on the two matters.

      I put in exactly where I’ve always stood on Saraki knowing the thinking that may arise: oh, she’s now pro-Saraki or she’s no longer for Buhari … Principles and/or ideologies have no place in Nigerian politicians’ playbook and Sagay is already well versed as a Nigerian politician, no less. I often wonder if these people have done things that they are afraid would be out in the open unless they descend into the gutter and cesspool that Nigeria’s politics is.

      It’s sad!




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