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October 30, 2018


Buhari does not deserve a second Nigeria’s presidency (3): A Series of essays by blogger and any, published elsewhere by others that point to Buhari’s failed governance since 2015.


With APC and Buhari’s desperation to clutch at possible straws for possible victory at the 2015 elections, the names of those they fear are being smeared through willing news and social media. Retired General Obasanjo (rGO) and Atiku’s names have become weapons in the hands of the desperate lot. It was in play at the recent Ekiti and Osun state elections.

I must state right away that I hold solid credentials in [Nigeria] non-envelope and tell-it-as-it-is journalism, pardon my being the one to say so both from my days at the Western Nigeria-owned Daily Sketch in the 70s to my return as contributing weekly essayist for The Comet on Sunday/The Nation on Sunday from 2001 through 2010.  While a very few journalists did step forward during rGOo’s presidency to criticize him, this blogger must rank as one of the most outspoken critics of the retired General, especially as he started to show his true political colors.

Some of those essays were copied from the two newspapers (the latter was a successor to the first) and reproduced on this blog or were written for this blog after it started. I will direct interested readers to two about rGO and one about Atiku. More can be accessed on rGO by typing ‘retired General Obasanjo’, ‘President Obasanjo’in the search box on the home page. The following paragraph explains to blog’s visitors how I arrived at rGO for Obasanjo in an essay:

After a disgraceful and meddlesome appearance at the ECOWAS meeting on Ghana’s recent election at which retired General Obasanjo tried to push his dexterous and manipulative ways on the body,  rGO – yes, that’s the short form I came up for him because of the zillions of times I had to type his name in my old weekly essays – he’s made a stop on his itinerant journeys at Osogbo.” https://emotanafricana.com/2012/12/11/retired-general-obasanjo-acts-proxy-on-ataoja-tussle/

AND THIS:   https://emotanafricana.com/2013/12/23/a-troubling-trend-a-letter-to-president-obasanjo-tola-adenle/   [First published in The Comet on Sunday, November 2003]


A glimpse of Atiku through my lenses from the past:

As Vice President, Atiku [he was top brass at Customs, dear emotanafricana.com blog readers] has enough baggage to fill a 20-foot shipping container …

IF he becomes PDP candidate, Atiku would fail woefully in the Southwest not only because one heavy baggage, the PDP, is no longer welcome in the region but his political yo-yo will not sell. One day, he’s reactionary PDP; the next he’s fighting rGO’s evil ‘third term’ before moving to AC as presidential candidate but before you could spell p-r-o-s-t-i-t-u-t-e, he has groveled his way back to his natural habitat …



Having submitted above as evidences that I generally call events as I see them, I think it should be credible that I remain one with not much respect for either rGO or Atiku but I hold even less respect for retired General Muhamadu Buhari, the present president, and that’s a long journey from my more than enthusiastic embrace of his candidacy in 2011 – long before the APC and most in the SW adopted him before the 2015 elections.

If you are new to this blog, I welcome you to read through postings of the earliest days of the blog in March/April 2011 and you can judge my respect and regard for Buhari’s capability to get Nigeria moving on the right track that would lead to its finally reaching its capability. Buhari has failed to do that, preferring to be a sectional leader whose ability to fight domestic terrorism of Islamic extremists and Fulani terrorist herdsmen.

Before touching the subject matter and presenting the report of an investigation by one of Nigeria’s best news website, premiumtimesng.com that shows this investigative report is another nail in the coffin of Buhari’s failure in his so-called corruption fight.  His desperation and the APC’s that has led them to be trying Atiku (along with rGO) in the court of public opinion is ridiculous and hypocritical.

Buhari may have promised to restructure, to fight corruption no matter who because he supposedly belonged to no one but belonged to all … none of the promises was successfully pursued. His fighting corruption seems to resemble rGO’s who pursued non-PDPers while his corruption-fighting is against mostly PDPers. I have no idea which party the guy who looted and killed Nigerian Airways belongs to but the massive amounts he stole AND the heinous crime of killing the national carrier seem unimportant considering the president ,gave the guy another national assignment that he – Buhari – knew better than to announce.

Personally, I do not believe elections should precede restructuring which lies at the bottom of most of Nigeria’s problem but many writers for public consumption, including this blogger, contributed to the spirited discourse which the APC & Buhari’s rejection of a promise they made, elicited. And if elections must be held, Buhari’s major failures to fulfill restructuring, fight corruption, ensure security of lives have rendered the president unfit for further leadership of the country. The insecurity to lives and properties unleashed on the country by the Miyetti Allah’s Fulani terrorist herdsmen, Buhari’s inability to fight nepotism and sectionalism, are two evils that have assaulted Nigeria’s “federalism” and oft-mouthed “unity”, thereby rendering the country’s Constitution useless.

Buhari – along with the APC he leads – has, from above, and especially from the following report, proved that he has no moral high ground to occupy against Atiku in the contest for who will next rule Nigeria. He had a chance that millions of us worked and preached for, but blew it.

President Buhari and APC leadership down the line – you all got your chance but blew it. It’s time for you to go when the next election comes!



Mohammed Joji

The face of Mohammed Joji who may have been THE “single individual to be blamed for the death of Nigerian Airways” but his ownership of Skypower Express Airways is a second slap on Nigerians’ collective face. Buhari reportedly made him the committee chair of those to supervise the repair of the Abuja airport and the temporary relocation of international flight to nearby Kaduna Airport, an appointment that was not publicly announced.

Fighting corruption, indeed!  TOLA.

SPECIAL REPORT: The men who embezzled Nigerian Airways to death

No single individual should be blamed as much as a former managing director of the Nigerian Airways, Mohammed Joji, the judicial commission found. In fact, the commission stated that Mr Joji, who owns Skypower Express Airways and is the secretary general of Aircraft Operators of Nigeria, was brashly corrupt and handled the affairs of the airline in such a reprehensible manner that it recommended he should be banned from ever holding public office in Nigeria.

However, last year, the President Muhammadu Buhari administration allegedly appointed him to head a committee that supervised the repair of the Abuja airport and the temporary relocation of international flight to nearby Kaduna Airport. That alleged appointment was, however, not publicly announced.

The Nwazota-led commission found that in 1993 Mr Joji “collected and spent” N4.37 billion ($12 million) royalty from Swissair without approval.

Also, in the same year, he diverted N3.57 billion ($9,800,000) to himself in a single transaction. According to the judicial committee, Mr. Joji claimed that he paid N3.93 billion ($10.8 million) to a defunct Belgian national airline, Sabena Airline, but he only paid N364 million ($1million), the panel discovered.

Further, the white paper revealed that in March 1993, Mr Joji “unlawfully approved” N2 million to one Grace Hembah as imprest account.

In the same year, Mr. Joji outsourced the maintenance of a Boeing 737 aircraft to Brazilian consultants paying them in full despite up to 75 per cent of the maintenance was done by employees of Nigerian Airways. The committee said the airline lost N1.28 billion ($3.53 million) in the process.

A year before, Mr. Joji had paid Nicon Insurance PLC N896.43 million ($2,458,064) less premium due to the then government-owned insurance company. Also, the judicial committee found that during the tenure of Mr. Joji as the managing director of the airline, N813.38 ($2,230,357) discounted from the premium accrued to the airline had vanished into thin air.

In all, the white paper revealed that Mr. Joji was responsible for the diversion or siphoning of N11 billion ($30,018,421) in 24 months.


READ THE ENTIRE REPORT AT premiumtimesng.com, including Joji’s dismissal of Premium Times Investigative Report in 2013 with implied court case: “… They will charge you to court. The White Paper is not gazetted. You’re playing a dangerous game. Ten years ago, something was written, and you just came overnight and want to write something about it.”


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2018. 7:06 P.M. [GMT]


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