A blast from a not-distant past: South-East will not tolerate colonies, no colonies for herdsmen … take them to Daura – Archbishop Chukwuma at Ekwueme’s funeral

November 21, 2018


SE will not tolerate colonies; no colonies for herdsmen; … Audu Ogbe should take them to Daura …”

Archbishop Chukwuma, on locating the terrorist herdsmen as far as Southeastern Nigeria – [and, I’m sure as far  as Southwestern Nigeria] is concerned



In these times when Buhari and his fellow APCers are running from pillar to post in an attempt to counter Atiku/Peter Obi candidacy, when the bloodshed being perpetrated by herdsmen – whose Miyetti Allah organization – has the president of Nigeria not only a member but a one-time Patron who has not shown the terrorist herdsmen’s actions threatens Nigeria’s security, the words of wisdom by Enugu’s Anglican Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma, are in order.

These words were part of the Archbishop’s address at the funeral of former Vice-President Alex Ekwueme earlier this year.

His Grace Archbishop Chukwuma used the occasion to touch a few of the ills that ail Nigeria: he describes as “a disgrace” the flying overseas for medical treatment by top leadership of government at every level, carrying around loads of cash in itinerant bags to get elected, corruption, “including the present government”, et cetera.




Credit:  YouTube

His Grace Archbishop Emmanuel Chukwuma at Funeral of former Vice-President Alex Ekwueme, Feb. 2018

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2018. 10:00 P.M. [GMT]

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