My wishes for the New Year as I send season’s greetings to all! – Tola Adenle

January 1, 2019

Nigeria, USA

As we enter 2019, my wish for the new year are many, but before asking for new things for the New Year, I must express a great sense of gratitude to God for good health, safety, guidance and His grace in everything; for the love of family and friends, and for all those who lent helping hands, offered kind/encouraging words when their paths crossed mine or any of my family members’ in the year now passed.                       

Now, from my heart, on the wings of Angels, to His ears on high, go these supplications:

  • That even though one understands the sense of entitlement, okay – commitment – that America’s Democrats have, it’s my fervent hope that the zillions who believe they are the next Obama – nothing basically wrong in that – should tarry a little and while imagining themselves already walking down Pennsylvania Avenue on January 20, 2020, they must realize the near-madness of every senator and top political office holders running for President.

How will the party be able to work at important policies and show voters who voted for them as well as convince many on the other side that they can govern better than the GOP? How will several lawmakers who are already running around the country to win donors, state party leaders, et cetera without spending much time in the Legislature or at State Houses for which they were elected?

Democrats have to wake up to their duty, and if truth be told, most of the dozens whose names are floating around would wilt like the beautiful morning glory at late afternoon when Trump bulldozes his way to the debate hall in 2020.

And my wish for Nigeria?

  • That millions and millions of Nigerians would rise and say with their votes – despite Asiwaju Tinubu’s reported promise of 3 million guaranteed votes for Buhari from Lagos – that enough is enough of deceitful presidency and governance. By the way, I do not know how Dear Asiwaju can guarantee the number of votes unless he’s ready to perform abracadabra that would set the stage for Yorubaland being on fire.

There’s hardly anything I can write here that would be new on why Yorubas and Nigerians from the East of the Niger, the Middle Belt and the Northeast must reject Buhari and the APC for the big disappointment they have represented after the massive confidence they received during the 2015 elections.

Briefly, Buhari has not been able to secure the country. His failure to stop the Fulani herdsmen terrorists is due to the wink and nod his non-decisive condemnation give to his herdsmen folks that their killings and maiming are okay.

Buhari’s government has not been forthcoming about Boko Haram. Today, the Islamic terrorist group has been routed; tomorrow, news of the terrorists killing innumerable soldiers, policemen … put lies to the government’s claim.

Nepotism, tribalism, religious (Islam) preferences in choosing government appointees to high offices put to shame the enshrined “federal” character in appointments. Buhari’s chiefs of the many intelligence and defence agencies are all either his family/Muslim/Northerners, preferably from the Northwest.

Fighting corruption? I never knew Buhari would become another Obasanjo who used to terrorize opponents with sending EFCC after them. If, due to his nature Buhari would not boast of sending EFCC …, that’s about what he reportedly has done. In fact, most Nigerians believe that corruption has gotten worse under Buhari. I’ve read where he says he needs another term for this.

Finally, I’m not sure Buhari actually knows his real age like most like him; even Obasanjo who was born at Abeokuta – Nigeria’s first area to have encountered Western-type education, including St. Andrew’s College, Oyo which started out there in the 19th Century before moving to Oyo – once said he actually does not know his exact day of birth. Based on what the president has said, I think he’s now 76 or thereabout.

I happen to be in my 70s; so, I’m not about to bad-mouth an aged person but based on his health which showed a near-emaciated man a few weeks before he returned from his long sojourn in the UK for health reasons last year. His return a few weeks after I saw the picture of Abike Dabiri and others with a table-size get-well card to him in the UK, he seems to have seen incredible return to good health. I write this regardless of the rumor (never addressed by the presidency) that a body double now represents him as Nigeria’s president which would be an awful distinction for this star-crossed country.

I write this as someone who accepts it that Nigeria’s millions of dollars have done wonders to get him healthy which would be good news. For someone who spent perhaps a third of his first 2 years or so in a sort of hospice (rest home) thousands of miles away in London while not less than a plane stood by, and scores of aides flew back and forth, and AT LEAST ONE document involving humongous amount of money was not signed by the vice president but by one of a cabal of inner circle a la the Yar Adua illness period, I say, enough is enough.

President Buhari should go home after his first term is over to take care of himself. I’m sure if the election is rigged and Buhari returns to another term, Nigeria is in massive trouble because he may be the ruler but would reign from another rest home for, perhaps, his entire second term while Nigeria would be pillaged by his henchmen.

For Nigeria to remain a country, the status quo is no option. ENOUGH OF APC. And definitely, MORE THAN ENOUGH OF BUHARI.

Those are my wishes for 2019.

May He grant you, your family and all your loved ones the best that the New Year has in store.


Tola. January 2018 at a flower memorial to Daphne Caruana Galizia, a journalist who was killed in a car bomb for her investigative writings on corruption in government in Malta. [Photograph at back]. Photo Credit: Depo Adenle, Malta, January 2018.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 1, 2019. 12:01 A.M. [EST]

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4 Comments on “My wishes for the New Year as I send season’s greetings to all! – Tola Adenle”

  1. Deleola Daramola Says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

    As much as agreed to knowing that Nigeria is in trouble if the APC and Buhari are returned to power (rigged or not), who do Nigeria replace them with?

    In the schemes of things, PDP is more prospective to gain from your wishes, is Atiku a better option?

    Just wondering.

    Once again, compliments of the seasons!

    Fayth Deleola Daramola



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Dele,

      A Happy New Year to you and yours.

      I was among those who canvassed for a long time the need to postpone elections before till a new Nigeria is forged through restructuring is done (“the cart before the horse” is the phrase I borrowed) as Buhari and APC campaigned in 2015 but they did an about-face. It is also on record that I once described Atiku during one of his runs for the presidency with the pithy Ire de slogan as one with enough baggage to fill more than a container – pun was definitely not intended as regards the former Customs guy! Since the legislative arm is not doing its constitutional work because a postponement in NOT in their financial interest, and others are too invested in the continuing deception of the masses, an election is what we get.

      In 2016, the USA might not have overwhelmingly voted for Trump as Clinton won more majority votes but Trump won through the Electoral College. You and I are both aware that the almost universal anyone-but-Hillary Clinton among white males at the time ensured that Hillary lost by very narrow margins in the couple of mid-Western States that got Donald Trump the presidency, andpropelled America to her ugly present: a complete disrobing of the mighty USA as nothing but a rich so-called Third World-type country where a boorish near-illiterate can rule the most powerful country in the world. A Trump can NEVER show up in a parliamentary system of government as Prime Minister; neither can a Buhari, ‘scuse me.

      I live in Nigeria most of the year, go to market places in multiple Yoruba States, move around in a few major cities and interact with many people in our part of the country. I therefore definitely have a feel of how fed up with Buhari AND the APC our people in what’s left of the middle class feel, while interaction with many among the masses show how also very fed up with Buhari people are. How and where do I gauge the masses? The same way I did for the 2011 elections (which was Buhari’s SECOND loss for the presidency) before he finally hitched his political wagon to SWs APC in 2015: I visit mechanic workshops (to talk to men), I do more than shop at major cities’ markets (where I talk to men and women), and engage people wherever I have the chance. Some of those interactions were referenced when I started this blog back in March 2011. In fact, I had announced I would vote for Buhari in a short essay I wrote for THE NATION after stopping my weekly essays after over 8 years for THE COMET & THE NATION. My first write-up for this blog was how BUHARI’S QUEST FOR THE PRESIDENCY LED TO MY BLOG. You can check it out.

      Dear Dele, are you saying that even if Buhari is rigged in right before our noses, we must accept it rather than have Atiku? Is this a fait accompli you seem to want us to accept?

      “Is Atiku a better option”? I’m never a fence-sitter who will hedge for any reason as most who have read my contributions to public discourse for many years know but your question makes me want you to try to consider the following situation with regard to someone you care about who’s asked to choose between dying by one of the following methods; agreed, he would still be dead, anyway as many may say:
      • a firing squad; being thrown as jetsam from a speedboat at Tarkwa Bay, or served a last meal, and to his knowledge, served a powerful sleeping pill that would surely kill him inside his favorite drink to wash everything down?

      There is good, better & best for positive, and there is bad, worse, worst, for not-good! Nigeria, right now as governed by Buhari, whom you can remember I first went out on a limb for 8 years ago,(an election cycle before the APC), AND the APC, in which I held a lot of hope and had a lot of confidence – are in the “not-good” category. If an honest poll is carried out in public places in Yorubaland RANDOMLY today, the APC gang would lose to Atiku! There are better candidates than either but the system has been so rigged that no young person, nobody other than products of money bag machines, et cetera stands a chance in the system we have now, a system that will only continue to deprive Nigeria and her citizens development.

      We need a Nigeria where the presidency, a system that is most unsuited for our plural population and the humongous cost of running it would give way to a system that has a weaker central government. Imagine, USA’s first real test of the presidential system despite her strong long-standing institutions, is finding it difficult to handle what so much power in the hands of a leader like the one she has at the moment.

      Thanks; a very Happy New Year to you and yours.




  2. Adegoke G Falade Says:

    Dear ‘Auntie,’
    I agree with you in toto.
    But, these wishes remain wishes.
    It looks like PMB will have a second term!
    Hence, I think Nigeria is in, for an unimaginable problem.
    I will be happy if I’m proven wrong.

    AG Falade

    Liked by 1 person


    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      A very happy, healthy and successful New Year to you and all yours.

      “Unimaginable” and loads of tragic problems, indeed if the machinations of the ruling party come to fruition.

      But what are the people waiting for as signs that Nigeria is in serious trouble? Why/how would they stand by and see another election manipulated?

      Thanks, as always, for your comments.



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