Nigeria’s ruling party’s fear of failure: Buhari’s election board postpones today’s election TODAY! – Tola Adenle

February 16, 2019


Africa’s self-described “giant” with feet of clay does what it’s best at: obfuscation, corruption, ineptitude, deceit, SHAMELESSNESS …

Even as messages pour in wishing the country a peaceful election, Buhari and his APC that most in Nigeria have rejected and were prepared to show the way out today, Buhari’s government has pulled a fast and very disgraceful one: a postponement of an election for which hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, have travelled hundreds of miles to their voting destinations as is common in these things in the country.

I watched an electoral body rep on BBC at what would be late in the night Nigeria time saying that they were prepared and everything was ready to go.

Buhari and his party and the pretend-at-fairness electoral body, INEC, cannot convince anyone except members of their party and those that benefit from the mess that Nigeria has become that it actually just happened four or five hours before polling started that Nigerians should be notified of there being “logistics” that would prevent the elections holding.

Nigerians are reacting on various social media platforms to this rape of a “democracy” that was, at best, a make-belief, in great disbelief.

There have been skirmishes, including electoral offices going up in flames in recent days at locations where the ruling party does not expect victory, AND NOW THIS.

I’ve written here multiple times that Nigerians are tired of the supposed change agent, Buhari, who has disappointed millions, including this blogger, and that this election is putting the cart before the horse without the country undergoing the political restructuring that retired General Buhari promised before being elected in 2015 after three electoral failures for the presidency.

Buhari cannot win 25% of the votes in 2/3 of Nigeria’s 36 States PLUS the capital territory that hegemonistic internal colonizers have crowned the 37th state. That point which I’ve made here is now confirmed by the desperation that has led Nigeria to this DRC-Congo route of election process.

Now, the world can see part of the schemings that have included one of Buhari’s acolytes scaring of outside electoral observers (the Kaduna governor elRufai who believes he’s the next president of Nigeria). He announced that that international observers would be returned to their countries in body bags.

Rather than spend the week to re-jig the rigging “logistics” that is purportedly the cause of this delay, it is better the elections are cancelled.


Buhari has shown his true face: a religious extremist, an ethnocentric, divisive non-leader whose tenure has empowered Islamic and herdsmen terrorism who continue their killings, including at Aiyegbaju, Ekiti State this week, a man who has shown he is not only unwilling but unable to ensure the security that Nigeria sorely needs, a man who may not be corrupt but winks-winks at his inner circle where corruption has been alleged …

What will happen to the thousands and thousands who have travelled to the East from the North, the West … and every other places in Nigeria? Who will reimburse them if they are to return next week?

Buhari & his APC + the feckless INEC’s Northern Muslim Head knows people will not go back. It’s a voter suppression method, plain and simple.

Buhari and his enablers in the South will regret this.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2019. 12:37 P.M. [GMT]


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10 Comments on “Nigeria’s ruling party’s fear of failure: Buhari’s election board postpones today’s election TODAY! – Tola Adenle”

  1. emotan77 Says:


    Tade oyebode

    10:58 PM (19 minutes ago)

    Thank you very much. I read your mail and will go back to read the pathfinder article later. From your post I had answers to the why and how of restructuring. It looks like some are demanding restructuring because they believe it will help each unit of the new structure to develop at its own pace. You also provided a lot of details on how we can restructure.

    What is stopping the South West States from developing at their own pace right now? After all, each state has a budget (thanks mostly to the oil wells of Niger Delta). What have we achieved in the last 20 years of the third republic? Why do we think restructuring will become a magic bullet that changes the truth that the budget of the South West has not produced anything tangible on the ground (with the exception of Lagos. Even Lagos given its resources can be argued to be under achieving).

    For me, any structural arrangement Nigerians opted for about the entity called Nigeria, as long as it is achieved peacefully, is fine.

    Restructuring will repatriate the subset of our leaders who have played musical chairs in Nigeria in our history to the new Oduduwa state. And they will return back to the South West from Abuja, well equipped to recreate a microcosm of Nigeria.

    The southwest is mostly (if not totally) united by a single language, Yoruba. Oduduwa state may make sense culturally. It could be a more homogeneous unit, but I am not certain that is the main problem we face as a nation. It does not solve the issue of bad and poor governance, neither does it address the huge albatross on our neck: corruption. One you create a Yoruba nation, would our leaders not begin to use our subcultural identities to divide us? Won’t we remember that we are Egbas, Ijebus, Oyo, Ijesha, etc?

    Where did the first republic unravelled? Many will argue that it was in the Western region. The face off between AG and NNDP is a fact of our history. The moves used to rob electorates of the opportunity to vote was astonishing. It was not even ballot box snatching, candidates were schemed out of running. I’m some cases the electoral officers were kidnapped. It can even be argued that what is happening now is not any worse than what happened then. All these happened in Western Region.

    Towards the end of the second republic in 1983, the old Oyo state was in turmoil. It was the Yorubas of the old Oyo state who faced up to one another. Some lost their lives in the process.

    Once the regions of Nigeria became political ones, we marched towards total political dominance by the strongest party in each region. Before power passed to Nigerians, all major parties won seats outside their regions. As soon as power passed to us at independence, each party maximised its voted in its region using whatever means it could find.

    I think restructuring is a diversion and orthogonal to our problems. If we can achieve it peacefully, it is okay but it will not change much.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Oyebode,

      Thanks very much for this and for all the points raised and properly explained.

      Would you believe that over the many years that the matter of RESTRUCTURING has been raised, there are some whose thinking aligns with the majority – for restructuring who, however, believe that it would not stop the political problems, that we would be changing one overlord set with another, especially those who are well-positioned to win elections by the sheer financial power they have amassed from those whom we describe as INTERNAL HEGEMONISTS!

      While THAT, and even perhaps more will definitely lie ahead, we cannot cower before such perceived problems. My belief is that the same reason that a policeman born in my hometown – even if posted there by the “Nigerian” Police – would not dare start shooting as Hausa policemen do in the south.

      It’s a long way ahead but, not trying to do a [sort of] sweeping the dirt under the proverbial carpet, I think we should wait till we get to that bridge; we’ll definitely cross it then because all the hanky-panky from Abuja where the evil that a Yoruba would perpetrate against the SW would be buried on his behalf once he belongs to the central party would no longer exist.

      My regards.



  2. emotan77 Says:

    Tade oyebode
    Feb 16, 2019, 11:03 PM (3 days ago)

    Dear Mama Adenle,

    Postponing an election a few hours before it would have started is a new low for us as a country.

    Tade Oyebode



  3. Adegoke G Falade Says:

    This is a powerful and incisive lashing of the Buharists and PMB!



  4. emotan77 Says:


    Adebisi Sowunmi
    4:57 PM (7 minutes ago)

    Dear Tola
    Greetings. A si ku gbogbo contrived rogbodiyan yi o. Incredible and mindless desperation.
    I couldn’t upload my comment to but here it is, kindly assist. Many thanks.

    To quote Mark Anthony in the oration at Julius Caesar’s funeral:”this is the most unkindest cut off all” referring to Brutus, a supposed friend of Caesar’s, joining those who stabbed Caesar to death. Civilians have a duty to rescue the country now. Enough is enough from the hands of upatriotic politicians.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Sister,

      “Contrived rògbòdìyàn” – contrived crisis arising out of desperation by the ruling party – indeed!

      I agree, Ma; enough is enough, which happens to be the NGO’s name for one of the country’s NGOs that have been fighting the never-ending chaos created by do-or-die politicians. Civilians really can no longer wait as so-called union leaders are usually bought up rather than really negotiate to free the masses from the corruption that has now completely enveloped the country. I’m not sure God can continue to hear the prayers of a people who are not ready/willing to help themselves. Are the heavens not supposed to help those who help themselves?

      Can you imagine Nigeria’s so-called leaders seeing DRC-Congo’s as the example to follow in electioneering?

      A real “unkindest cut of all” by a shameless leadership bent on thwarting the will of the people.

      Regards, Ma.



  5. emotan77 Says:


    Adegoke Falade
    3:23 PM (19 minutes ago)

    E fi won sile.
    Asiri yio tu.
    As I used to say, we are in the End Time.
    Eleda ana ni o ma npe binu. Nisisiyi, warara ni o.

    Please ignore them. What they are perpetrating in secret will be out in the open eventually. Our gods of old may be slow to anger, not any more!]



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      Many thanks for these words meant to assuage. The embarrassment and pain inflicted on Nigerians at home and especially abroad caused by the country’s president, his hand-picked electoral gang and the APC, is indescribable.

      Worse is an interview showing Buhari – or a body double – telling a foreign reporter on a video that he has no knowledge of the postponement.

      Nigeria is doomed.!




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