If Buhari orders to kill ballot snatchers, order will be totally & effectively obeyed – Nigerian Army spokesman

February 19, 2019


Now that whatever little snags might have stood in the way of electoral victory for Buhari’s APC last Saturday are now seen to no longer exist, Nigeria’s president has taken the high moral ground of Nigeria politics throwing away any regard of what the law calls for as punishment for those who engage in electoral malpractice that is common to ALL parties in Nigeria: ballot snatching, et cetera: two years imprisonment.

Most people I know in Nigeria had decided to stay home on Saturday, February 23 even before Buhari removed any doubt that vote suppression and voter intimidation are needed to keep most people away from the polling stations,

After all, ALL true patriotic Nigerians know that ALL parties rig, the recent Osun governorship remains a classic example. Law-enforcement agents did not stand by idly at polling stations without challenging the riggers; while I was not physically present at Osogbo despite registering there to vote, there were wide allegations of TENS OF THOUSANDS of Naira being directly transferred to accounts of supervising officers on the morning of the exercise, and telephone notifications to such officers shown as evidence by quite a few to their friends and/or families.

None can or should ever condone the rascality that goes on during polling in Nigeria. In fact back in 2011, I wrote about a “man of god” that led ballot snatching during the voting at a SW state capital!

Is the president trying to prove how “clean” his victory is when results are announced? Is Buhari ready to go down as a president – as I described late Yar Adua aided by Obasanjo – “who walked on a red carpet of blood all the way to Aso Rock” because his would be worse than Yar Adua’s when soldiers (trained to fight Nigeria’s external enemies) are given orders to kill their fellow citizens?

First the body bag threat to international observers by the self-entitled Kaduna’s el Rufai, a man whose body bag stay-away threat to international observers reflects his typical recklessness in public utterances include past serious put down of Asiwaju Tinubu as widely reported back in 2015, in line with one who believe he’s next in line to Nigeria’s feather throne.

And now, it’s the commander-in-chief himself, giving the go-ahead for soldiers and police to slaughter Nigerians before his second coronation that will lead to more of the same sectionalism, insecurity, corruption, et cetera.




TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2019. 2:33 A.M. [GMT]


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2 Comments on “If Buhari orders to kill ballot snatchers, order will be totally & effectively obeyed – Nigerian Army spokesman”

  1. emotan77 Says:

    Dear Mr. Aborisade,

    A million thanks for this.




  2. emotan77 Says:


    Femi Aborisade
    4:35 AM (8 hours ago)
    to me

    On shoot at sight order for ballot box snatchers

    The shoot at sight democracy or policy prescription for ballot box snatchers declared by PMB has confirmed that PMB is an unrepentant real risk to society in terms of disposition to arbitrariness and tyranny, even though decent people do not support electoral violence, including ballot box snatching.

    No one is in doubt that the policy would only be implemented arbitrarily against the opposition in the same way in which deodoant treatment is given to corrupt politicians who are pro PMB/APC whilst insecticide treatment is served on corrupt politicians who are not pro PMB/APC.

    We call on PMB to publicly withdraw the stone age Decree and apologise to Nigerians for the barbaric, unlawful, arbitrary and undemocrstic Presidential Order, which shows total disregard for the operation of the rule of law.

    The PMB/APC government should publicly announce unconditional commitment to the due process and S. 129(4) of the Electoral Act, which prescribes 24 months imprisonment for the same offence.



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