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Yoruba classic clothes at weddings: Sanyan, Etu & Alaari – Tola Adenle

May 28, 2013


The three Yoruba great classics are Sanyan [Sanyanmiran – I recently learnt is also a name for the 1st one, thanks to Reader, Mr. Tao], Alaari & Etu – in that order are worn for big occasions as shown here.  There are variations in weaves and colors but Sanyan is always khaki-ish plus white; Etu […]

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Howard University’s African Students’ Association hosts “Evolution of African Fashions” tonight in D.C.

April 11, 2013


Subject: Howard University Event The African Students’ Association will host its Eighth Annual Fashion Show TONIGHT at 7 p.m. Thursday, April 11, in the Ballroom of the Blackburn Center. This year’s show, titled “SAKO,”  meaning “To Show Off” in the Yoruba language, will focus on the evolution of African fashions through the span of a lifetime. […]

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Yoruba engagement aso oke, etcetera – Tola Adenle

October 29, 2012


If you’ve read this before and find that it is a bit different, it’s because I’ve tried to combine related material in one place.  For example, I’ve removed the picture of Lagos, Nigeria governor, Babatunde Fashola with the Alaari cap.  It now sits where it belongs –   TOLA, December 15, 2012.] =========== Over […]

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Fads, Fashions & Classics – Tola Adenle

November 23, 2011


“… [Nigerian] women who travel abroad to purchase things for sale, generally may be women of means and paper qualifications but not of ideas”. – A beloved late “Uncle” on Nigeria’s women trend-setters. In March 1980, members of the Ibadan Chapter of the Nigerian Association of University Women held a reception for five of our […]

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