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UPDATE: Oje-Ibadan & Oje-Ede Market days – Questions about possible Iseyin trip answered – Tola Adenle

September 10, 2013


Omomeji – Twins – from your Name, Taiyelolu another name for Taiwo, the first to be born of twins though considered by the Yoruba to be younger than Kehinde! Thanks for this important question. While most Yoruba towns and settlements – not the cities in modern times – have market days, I’m sure Iseyin must […]

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Answers to a couple of recurring ‘search terms’ on this Blog – Tola Adenle

July 6, 2012


Here are two questions that keep showing up on the ‘search terms’.  My answers do not represent a “Nigerian culture” as such does not really exist because Nigeria may be one country but there are various cultures that differ substantially from each other.  The answers I give are for the Yoruba of the Southwest; the […]

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Time for the legislative arm to check corporate greed – Tola Adenle

November 16, 2011


 I try as much as I can to avoid using this page to promote personal agenda.  Like most subscribers to cable, especially Multichoice Nigeria’s Direct Satellite Television (DSTV), I’ve had my share of frustrations with the special shoddy treatment reserved for Nigerians.  Every month, most subscribers are not only cut off before payment due dates […]

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Yoruba Classic Aso Oke [3 of 3]: Alaari – Tola Adenle

September 16, 2011


This is perhaps the most interesting of the three great classics.  Yeah, interesting may be a vague word but it’s the only word that comes to my mind as I write this.  Pardon me, I’m going to take a shot at the pronunciation but it’s NOT going to be that accurate: ALA (both ‘A‘s are […]

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