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How three students created Nigeria’s online jobs giant – BBC/Jason Boswell

September 2, 2014


Three students had time on their hands in the summer of 2009 when their university lecturers in Nigeria went on strike. Instead of slacking off, Ayodeji Adewunmi, Olalekan Olude and Opeyemi Awoyemi started an online job search company. Five years later their start-up, Jobberman, has got a multi-million dollar valuation, employs 125 people, and is […]

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Watch out, your webcam may be turned on, but not by you, & monitoring your most private moments!

June 21, 2013


Webcam Hackers ‘Watched Me In The Bath’ Says Woman In BBC ‘Ratting’ Investigation By Michael Rundle, Huffington Post UK: 20/06/2013     Charities and police have warned that computer hackers are able to watch victims through their laptop webcams.   The practice – known as ‘Ratting’ (for ‘Remote Administration Tool‘) – is a variation of […]

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