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Your daughter’s name is ‘Nigeria’? – Deleola Daramola

September 12, 2013


Since my relocation to the USA, I have just one thing that attracts my curiosity more than anything. Yes, not the organized culture, nor the structural engineering. I mean, not even some of their different life-styles (gayism, trans-gendering, sexually-implicit mode of dressing etc).    So what is it that catches my fancy and curiosity? Their […]

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What’s in a name? – A look at Yoruba’s views of some birds’ names! by Dele Daramola

June 15, 2013


On a discussion panel with some colleagues sometime last week, we came up with the dearth of Yoruba language and then, to proverbs and their English translations. A mention was made of “Igun’ and ‘Akalamagbo’ birds, and the search for their English names.  We drifted to Eagle and its Yoruba name. We were divided by […]

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Nigerians, stop using communication gadgets to wish each other “happy new month”; start asking questions with them – Dele Daramola

April 4, 2013


Our leaders deserve all the jabs you could ever think of: selfish, clueless, irresponsible and corrupt are few of the perhaps harsh words usually used to label these people we choose by election or are selected to lead us. In recent times, world leaders have started describing the Nigerian President as “insensitive”. We were under […]

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Buhari at 70: “He can salvage Nigeria”, millions believe

December 18, 2012


Many good wishes have been pouring into newspapers in Nigeria for retired General Muhammadu Buhari as he turns 70.  While many, especially from non-politicians are very genuine and even nostalgic about what could have been for Nigeria, many from politicians read hypocritical and vacuous.  No matter what, the retired General has reached the landmark three-scores-and-ten, […]

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