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African Aid: China dumps labor & materials; Japan employs local labor and supplies – Tola Adenle

September 19, 2016


The situation of employment for Chinese and back-door market for Chinese goods clothed as “aid” in Kenya is perhaps replicated all over Africa; any observer knows it’s the case in Nigeria. China gives “aid” or gets a contract and before you could spell c-h-i-n-a, hordes of Chinese descend on the country and fan out across […]

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” … get up late and struggle with fate,” & why the Chinese get up early – Leo Timm/Epoch Times

March 3, 2015


“Rise early, rise at daybreak. Once you rise, do not again fall back to bed” – Chinese General Zeng Guofang, the man who, in the 19th century, led imperial Chinese armies to victory during the Taiping Rebellion. Zhu Xi, a 12th-century scholar whose teachings and interpretations of the Confucian texts influenced many generations of Chinese, […]

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Tyrant of the Water Works Taken Down in China – Epoch Times/Lu Chen

December 1, 2014


This is a case of a minor official and major corruption. A deputy department-level Communist Party official under investigation for taking bribes and embezzling public funds was found to own 68 houses. Police seized 120 million yuan (US$19.6 million) cash and 27 Kg gold (approximately 60 pounds, worth US$1.2 million at current prices) in his […]

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