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COMMENTS WORTH SHARING: [Nigeria’s] Lawmakers okay N100m medical retirement allowance for Akpabio

May 27, 2014


  http://www.punchng.com/news/lawmakers-okay-n100m-medical-retirement-allowance-for-akpabio/ Let us hope  that other PDP-controlled state government do not copy this outrageous retirement allowance. This  is just day light robbery of people’s funds. Lati   Dear Dr. Opawoye, I concur that it is daylight robbery.  These people got millions in so-called “security vote” for 4 or 8 years to expend as they […]

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Ajetunmobi & Others on Battling Corruption, Leadership, Corruption & Religion, etcetera

January 9, 2012


Readers may also wish to check out the following: http://emotanafricana.com/2011/12/05/religion-corruption-continued-discussion-among-opawoye-ajetunmobi-group/.  http://emotanafricana.com/2011/12/01/spirituality-and-corruption-re-war-that-cannot-be-won-in-nigeria/ I had posted above before I decided to return to “eavesdropping” as the discussions were getting more interesting. I had even erased some. It was the second weekend in December when I had time to go through several not-deleted mails in the INBOX-stock variety […]

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Regarding Segun Ayodele’s dare to President Jonathan: other ways to wake a nearly-dead “giant”

November 8, 2011


 [If you are new to this Blog, welcome.  Comments here are reproduced from under the essay, President Jonathan and reading habit Iweala Dowden etcetera.  This is done here with certain subjects so that readers do not miss certain comments as often happens when readers read essays and skip the comments, e.g. the lenghty discussions on […]

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