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A blog visitor shares her thoughts on Monsato … a movie … & fish that feed on corn and more

September 16, 2016


Thank you for all you’re doing to spread the word, dear Sister. Maybe we have no power or influence over the powers that make these decisions, but we sure can educate our own people about the evils of engineered crops, pesticides, maggie cubes, tinned foods and so on. I find that our people–everywhere, including African-Americans […]

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Monsato finds fertile market in Nigeria’s unregulated pesticide market – Tola Adenle

June 15, 2016

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Monsato’s evil entry into Nigeria through corruption-prone government officials has enabled the feared chemical giant to introduce another danger to Nigeria’s food chain, the dreaded NK603, a GMO that European scientists found to accelerate tumors as long ago as 2012.  In a two-year study, a team of French researchers led by Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini found that […]

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