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Gimme, gimme: (120 units) 2016 Toyota L/Cruiser, American specs; V8; VXR, 5.7, … with Intelligence – Nigeria’s “lawmakers”! – Tola Adenle

January 1, 2016


Where are Nigeria’s so-called progressive APC leaders as their “lawmakers” go on scorched-earth spending rampage? -Tola   “If I can turn down N400 million for the presidency that I do not need any new car because of the economy, I can’t see the National Assembly spending that N47 billion to buy cars, on top of […]

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NIGERIA: The embarrassing billions being committed to spirituality … outright act of criminality” – Catholic Bishop Kukah

December 25, 2015


The Catholic Church in Nigeria remains, as I’ve written for many years on this blog and earlier newspaper weekly essays, almost the only Christian faith where excesses of those in government have always been called out. Bishop Kukah remains true to that calling by turning the searchlight on another segment of Nigerian society where bilking, […]

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