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In a single week, America dusts up its own Royalty with the Clinton-grandchild & Clooney-wedding – Tola Adenle

September 30, 2014


“The Americans fought a war to be rid of the English Crown, their overlords but you would hardly realize it these days not only from the royal wedding-mania that has gripped the former colony but in the many ways that Americans continue to cede supremacy to their former overlords across the big pond.” [Bottom of […]

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It’s not too early to say 2016 is Hillary’s – and women’s – chance at America’s presidency! – Tola Adenle

November 9, 2012


While savoring the giddy feeling of Obama’s re-election, the Democrats must already be looking ahead to 2016 just as the Republicans (GOP) are because there’s not a moment to lose. Hillary Clinton has acquitted herself very well as Secretary of State, and done women all over the world proud the way she handled America’s seemingly […]

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An errata on “Barrack Obama: a distant drum suddenly sounds very near – Tola Adenle

November 8, 2012


I often re-check postings on this blog, especially those that I find readers viewing even several months after they have been posted. Some days ago, I found traffic on:, and clicked because of the  ‘2004’  on the link but at the bottom where I always include the dates of materials from my old newspaper […]

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US Election 2012, It’s time to take America back (8): Former President Clinton rallies the troop for Obama

September 6, 2012


In what may be one of former President Clinton’s finest political speeches a while ago, he not only rallies the Democrats – the die-hard, the fence-sitters, the may-be-I-should-give-a-look-see-to-Republican Romney-this-time – he also perhaps convinced myriads of Independents, those Americans who consider themselves neither Democrats nor Republicans majority of whose votes must be won by either […]

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‘Take America Back’ (2): “Barrack Obama: a distant drum suddenly sounds very near” – Tola Adenle

January 25, 2012


[This is coming half a day late because in my most permanent neighborhood, getting on the web is not a matter of 1,2, turn on the laptop; 3,4, click, click, click and post… Regrets, regards, TOLA.] After the Democratic Convention in Summer 2004, I wrote four consecutive essays on the US presidential election year:  LETTERS […]

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U.S. Elections 2012: Time to really “take America back” (1) – Tola Adenle

January 24, 2012


On May 24 last year, I presented in what might have been considered jumping the gun, especially in Nigeria which is as far away from America – not in distance – as one could be.  Well, the election year is upon us and it seems to have brought the worst in Republicans, nay, the […]

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