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BRAZIL: Female Brazilian murderers marry – and refuse to be separated – in jail – The Telegraph

November 14, 2014


Suzanne Von Richthofen was 18 when jailed in 2002 after arranging for her parents to be killed in their luxury home They were both behind murders which shocked Brazil, but Suzanne Von Richthofe has turned down parole to stay in Sao Paulo state prison with Regina Sanchez after the pair fell in love and married […]

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Still on wealth of Nigerian individuals: “Africa boasts 55 billionaires from 10 countries” – The Telegraph

October 8, 2013


While Nigeria getting on such a rarefied list should be a thing of encouragement and joy to us all, wealth in Nigeria are often not that traceable as in Western countries as many are often fronts for the real economic powers:  those who have governed the country since the military rule.  In addition, when not […]

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Obit: The “Iron Lady”, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is dead!

April 8, 2013


The death of former British PM, Baroness Margaret Thatcher at age 87 has been announced.  Known as The Iron Lady because of her no-nonsense attitude, she was great for Great Britain and feared and/or respected around the world. The lady who was “not for turning” was a Conservative who found another one across the Atlantic […]

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Church of England’s prayer of thanksgiving for cows – The Telegraph

August 20, 2012


http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/religion/9485942/Church-of-Englands-prayer-of-thanksgiving-for-cows.html   Thanks to a reader for sending this for my reading pleasure which I now submit to readers of this blog. I’m sure it would be of particular interest to Nigerians who are ever always ready to gbe ‘gba ope [“carry” their thanksgiving offering] for all sorts of happenings.   Poultry owners, grass cutter (“bush […]

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