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Yoruba engagement aso oke, etcetera – Tola Adenle

October 29, 2012


If you’ve read this before and find that it is a bit different, it’s because I’ve tried to combine related material in one place.  For example, I’ve removed the picture of Lagos, Nigeria governor, Babatunde Fashola with the Alaari cap.  It now sits where it belongs – http://emotanafricana.com/2013/04/20/most-yoruba-males-complete-their-looks-most-looks-with-fila-tola-adenle/   TOLA, December 15, 2012.] =========== Over […]

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Yoruba betrothal and accompanying bizarre bazaar – Tola Adenle

May 14, 2012


If there was a product that Nigeria could market apart from the black gold, it would have to be socials.  Is a Y-u-p-p-i-e (Young Urban Professional) looking to celebrate his first million-dollar by marrying a female yuppie in New York and cannot figure how to plan a three-day bachelor’s party?  There are thousands of outfits […]

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